Portfolio Top Notice of Confidentiality

This is basically a unilateral NDA, but it is placed on top of a paper portfolio, or in a label for a CD, or at the bottom of an email. It is agreed to by opening the portfolio. It includes non-dissemination and non-solicitation provisions.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney; I am a J.D. with admission to the New York bar pending. By viewing and/or downloading this form, you understand that I am not providing you legal advice nor soliciting repres
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Proprietary and Confidential


This proposal has been distributed to you on a confidential basis for your information only. By accepting it, you agree not to disseminate it to any other person or entity in any manner and not to use the information for any purpose other than considering opportunities for a cooperative business relationship with Owner of Portfolio.

This proposal is the property of Owner of Portfolio. No part of this document, including all original concepts and ideas contained herein, may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose without the express written permission of Owner of Portfolio.

If you wish to use any of the original concepts and ideas provided by Owner of Portfolio herein, you will first offer to engage Owner of Portfolio to execute the applicable proposal on commercially reasonable terms before offering the project to any other third party.



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