Payment/Accounting Project Contract

Payment/Accounting project for KHCS

Service Contract for Development


Developer: Nicholas Williams

Client: Paul Williams | Killian Hill Christian School

Services: - Design & Development - Testing & Implementation

Product: - POS feature for concession stand, business office, gate, etc.- Ability to pay for lunch money with option to determine amount and child. - Custom reports that can be downloaded or emailed at a certain time each day. - Reporting charts for varying items (sold, customers, orders placed, daily sales, and more). - Reporting can be narrowed by year, month, week, day, or specif date range.


  1. Payment: Services shall be payed in three installments. Once at the beginning of the project, at the halfway point, and the final on completion of the final product.

    1. First Payment - $500
    2. Second Payment - $500
    3. Final Payment - $945
  1. Payment: The Client shall send payment to the Developer within 30days of receiving an invoice.
    1. Invoicing: Client shall be billed at the beginning and end of the project.
    2. Late Payment: If a payment is more than 14 days late a 1.5% late fee shall be applied to the outstanding amount, additionally no Services will be performed for the Client until full payment is received.
  2. Copyright: Copyright of all Products created while performing Services for the Client will be transferred to the Client upon receipt of payment in full, except in the cases described below.

  3. Termination: Either party must give at least 14 days notice to the other party before termination. This contract may only be terminated after all outstanding invoices have been paid in full.

  4. Changes: Either party may request to modify the terms of this contract at any time. When both parties consent to new terms and a new contract is signed, this contract is terminated immediately.

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