Retainer Agreement - October 31, 2019

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This is a simple retainer agreement for design services. Original can be found at:

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By signing this agreement, Chayi Scharf of FIMO Group (“Client”) has retained Rochel Eisner of Heart Copy (“Service Provider”) to proceed with copywriting services for the period 11/1/19 to 4/30/20, and agrees to the terms and conditions as set forth in this Agreement.

During this period, Service Provider agrees to create $1000 worth of assignments, as determined by Client and Service Provider.   Work priority and scheduling will be determined in a strategy session at the beginning of each month. Work will normally occur between the hours of 9 to 5 on weekdays.

Payment for these services will be made to the Service Provider at the rate of $1000 per month.  Payments will be submitted twice a month,  with $500 due on the 1st of the month and $500 due on the 15th of the month (or before final draft submission upon project completion, whichever date is reached first) for as long as this agreement is in force.  All projects under this retainer will be completed at a 10% discount of Service Provider's regular rates. 

Any additional copywriting services above the $1000 worth of assignments will be billed at the Service Provider's regular project rate, with payment due prior to project initiation. 

Retainer includes the following services:

1- Copywriting Projects worth $1000

2- Two Strategy sessions a month, with each session 30-45 min in length.  First session must be scheduled in the first week of the month to set projects specifics for the month.  Other session can be scheduled at any point in the month. 

For months that include major holidays in which the Service Provider will not be working, the retainer will be adjusted according to days unavailable for work.  The Client has the option of requesting that projects under the retainer be completed in the month before or after the major holiday.    

The results of any and all work performed by Service Provider for Client is the property of the Client. Service Provider may feature finished projects as sample portfolio work. 

This agreement may be terminated on 30 days’ written notice by either Service Provider or Client. In case of termination, Service Provider shall make a reasonable attempt to finish work in progress.

Rochel Eisner, Heart Copy

Chayi Scharf , Fimo Group 

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