Sample Global Voices MOU with Partner XX

This is a sample of a type of MOU Global Voices uses for partnerships.

Agreement between Stichting Global Voices and XX

Stichting Global Voices (GV) agrees to cooperate with XX in order to place XX content on the GV site.

GV and XX agree to the description of the editorial relationship as "in partnership with" or “in cooperation with” on websites and announcements. The cooperation includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1. GV will periodically translate and republish content previously published on XX on Global Voices through the Creative Commons License (CC BY 3.0)

2. GV will translate and edit posts by XX creating new headlines and leads when necessary.

3. XX will provide Creative Commons images or images with permission to use for each post cross-published on GV.

4. GV will add a note linking to the original post, and list authors involved, at the top of every XX article that is republished.

5. GV will create a user account for XX on the GV site.

6. XX is free to republish GV content, following the Global Voices Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license, which allows use with proper attribution. Global Voices' attribution policy requires a link back to the Global Voices site in cases where a badge or logo is displayed, and a link back to GV’s original story on individual stories. Links should return the user back to the original content, not to a mirrored site.

7. GV and XX recognize that the editorial processes of the two organizations are functionally separate, and that individuals, employed by one organization have no oversight over the work obligations of individuals employed by the other organization. This functional separation does not preclude voluntary cooperation on editorial projects or content.

8. This MOU can be terminated by either side at any time.

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