Dindori District

- Dindori is a part of the Madhya Pradesh state of India which is located in the eastern part of Madhya Pradesh. Bilaspur of Chhattisgarh in the south of Dindori district, Umaria in the north, Mandla in the west and surrounded by Shahdol districts in the east. Dindori district was established on 25th May 1998 from Mandla district.Total area of ​​Dindori district is 7470 sq. Km. There are a total of 927 villages. Dindori district is part of Jabalpur division, while its police division is Shahdol. There are three tehsils in the district - 1-Dindori, 2-Shahpura and 3-Bajag. There are seven development blocks - Dindori, Shahpura, Mehandwani, Amarpur, Bajaj, Kananjia and Samanpur.

There are many tourist places in the district, which are the main ones.

(1) Ghaghwa National Fossil Park

(2) Rani Avantibai's Samadhi (Gram-Balapur)

(3) Shyam Deer (Black Deer)) Protected Area Karanpani

(4) Lakshman Madwa Picnic Spot

(5) Kucharramath (Debt Mukteshwar) Temple

(6) Kapiladhara Waterfall-

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