Event Venue Contract

This is an event venue contract that organizations can use when their rental venue doesn't provide a contract.

Venue Rental Contract

Event Name: Event Name

Event Date: Event Date

Rental details

This agreement is between [venue name], hereinafter known as the “Venue”, and [Organization], signers of this agreement, with the details below for renting [venue name and address].

[Venue] agrees to provide a dancing and socializing space with seats, lighting, sound systems*, restroom(s), security*, and parking options for the duration of this rental, exact date(s) specified above.

[Organization] is responsible for staffing the front of the house, box office, security*, sound operators*, and liability waivers for our dancers and performers.

[Organization] will have use of the Venue during the following rental times:

  • Setup: [date and time]
  • Dance / Performance: [date and time]
  • Take down: [date and time]

[Organization] agrees at all times to keep the Venue clean and passageways clear for emergency situations.

[Organization] agrees to properly dispose of all food, trash, and garbage at the end of the designated rental time, or end of the night if multiple nights are booked.

[Organization] agrees to at no time exceed [number of persons] occupancy limit, which is designated by the Venue.

[Organization] may place posters and information tables in the Venue lobby, and place their on sandwich board with public information on the sidewalk in front of the Venue during the hours of rental by [Organization].

Venue agrees to keep restrooms cleaned and re-stocked at regular intervals.

Venue will provide keys to the space, or will provide a representative to unlock and lock the space, for [Organization]. Failure to return the keys* will result in a fee of: $________.

* If applicable


[Organization] agrees to pay Venue a total rental fee of: $________.

The rental fee schedule is as follows: [dollar amount 1] due by [date 1], [dollar amount 2] due by [date 2].

These terms are hereby agreed to by Venue and [Organization]:

Contracting Parties

Event Representative

[event representative name]
[event rep email]
[event rep phone number]


[Organization email
[Organization street address]

Venue Information

[Venue name]
[Venue address]
[Venue phone number]
[Venue website]

Venue Representative

Name: Venue representative name

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