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Effective as of 8 March 2013

Our goal is to make KAYAK the most trusted site in online travel. To do this, we need your help, so any suggestions for improvement can be sent to us directly via the privacy feedback form.

KAYAK is a search engine that saves you time and money. We search the web for the best fares and rates. Registration on KAYAK is strictly voluntary. You do get some cool information and access to certain great features if you do register, but membership is not necessary to get our great rates and fares.

1. What's Your Sign?

KAYAK collects personal information ("Personal Data") to provide you with its search engine services and send you targeted email marketing messages. This includes (at your discretion) your name, email address, password and certain parts of the travel information you submit when you choose to use the KAYAK Trips service (the "Trips Service"). If you do decide to give us this information, you are telling us that this information is both true and accurate. Also, you are telling us that you have the authorisation to provide us with that information. Our software uses the Personal Data to personalise and manage the KAYAK website for you. For example, our site stores your favourite airport and airlines. Also, the Trips Service software uses Personal Data to create and maintain your travel itineraries.

In order to make our site more efficient, we may also collect certain Personal Data (such as destination, your favourite airport and airlines, your travel itineraries and site usage behaviour) based on your use of KAYAK. We may use this information to personalise and manage the KAYAK site for you, to display advertising that you find interesting and suppress advertising that you might find boring or annoying. For example, we might show you travel offers from your home airport, but not those from airports that are other places in the country.

To help us debug problems with our software (rare as they are), we may collect some technical information from your browser software (such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer), screen resolution and the website that referred you to us. We may also use cookies to operate our site and provide the Trips Service to you. For more information, please see "Cookies, Not the Kind You Eat With Milk".

2. We'll Keep You In The Loop

When you choose to register with us, KAYAK logs you in automatically using your email address. This makes it easier for you as you don't have to create and remember a login identifier. The use of your email address for login also allows KAYAK the chance to email you a new password in case you forget or lose your old one. This is perfectly OK and happens to the best of us, particularly those of us who are incredibly busy. If you do register with us, KAYAK will save your information and recognise you regardless of where you login from. So if you are visiting friends and using their computer, we'll know it's you and display your searches and preferences when you do login.

When you register with us, KAYAK gives you the option of receiving emails from us, which may include information about our goods and services or those of other companies. We think they are useful to you, but you may not and can opt out any time. Our emails are sent from a KAYAK address and are sent to your real email address. If you are a registered user and send email booking confirmations to our Trips Service, we will recognize you. If you've never registered on KAYAK and you send us email booking confirmations, we'll send you an email asking you to register. We'll also send you an email if you send us your email booking confirmations but we are unable to recognize the travel provider or otherwise to create your consolidated itinerary. Every email that we send has an opt-out URL, so you can be unsubscribed when you want. We do hate spam at KAYAK and suspect that you do too.

3. In This Case Sharing Is Not Caring

What's yours is yours. We won't sell your Personal Data to anyone. There might be an exception in the event KAYAK itself is sold. In this case we would transfer your Personal Data to our buyers so that they could continue to provide the same great KAYAK service. Also, if you use the Trips Service, you can send, or grant access to, your itinerary to your friends and family. If you select an itinerary to be displayed on publicly viewable web pages, that travel information can be collected and used by others.

However, we do share your Personal Data with certain suppliers that provide services on our behalf and under contractual arrangements with us, and with travel suppliers with whom you book travel products that you find on our site. We do this in order to operate the site, to provide you with the Trips Service and to enable travel suppliers to fulfil your travel reservations. For example, we may share your Personal Data with travel suppliers who fulfil your travel reservations and with other service providers that help us to operate the site by, for example, providing website hosting, visitor analytics, or online advertising. We only let these service providers use your Personal Data as necessary to perform their functions and we require them at all times to keep your Personal Data safe and secure. If you want more details about the service providers we use and how they may use your Personal Data, you can request this information by contacting us at .

From time to time, we will also share aggregated usage information with others. This type of information does not contain your identity or anything personally identifiable to you.

4. If The Police Come Knocking At Our Door

KAYAK may disclose to authorised law enforcement personnel the Personal Data from anyone who poses a threat to our interests, or otherwise make such disclosures that KAYAK is required to (or where KAYAK believes it should do so) by law. This might include those that are attempting to commit fraud or those who conduct activities that could bring harm to others. We assume that this is not you so please don't worry.

5. You Are The Boss

KAYAK members and site visitors have control over the use of their Personal Data. Since you are the boss on KAYAK, you always can change your account settings in the "My Account" pages on KAYAK. How does it feel to be such a big shot? Furthermore, you can always delete your account here.

6. Protecting Your Information

KAYAK has a sophisticated security program intended to keep the information stored in our systems protected from unauthorised access. We store your information in secure data centres located in the United States and in Switzerland. Our systems are configured with data encryption, or scrambling technologies and firewalls constructed to the highest industry standards. We also use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that protects the data you send over the Internet. Third party security firms review our internal security policies and documentation regularly. The bottom line is, when it comes to information security, we mean business, whether your Personal Data is in the UK or the US.

As your Personal Data may therefore be transferred outside of the EU, by using our services you understand that your information may be transferred to us and those of third parties with whom we share it as described in this Policy. Please note that the data protection and other laws of the United States and other countries might not be as comprehensive as those in your country, but please be assured that we take steps to ensure that your privacy is protected.

7. Cookies (Not The Kind You Eat With Milk)

When you visit KAYAK we may store information about your web session and assign you one or more 'cookies'. Your browser will store these cookies on you computer in a small text file.

There are two broad categories of cookies - 'first party cookies' and 'third party cookies'. First party cookies are cookies that are served directly by the website operator to your computer and are used only by the website operator to recognise your computer when it revisits that site. Third party cookies are served by a service provider on behalf of the website operator and can be used by the service provider to recognise your computer when it visits other websites. Third party cookies are most commonly used for website analytics or advertising purposes.

KAYAK uses first and third party cookies for the following general purposes:

(i) To help us recognise your browser as a previous visitor and save and remember any preferences that may have been set while your browser was visiting out site. For example, if you register on our site, we may use cookies to remember your login information, so you do not need to log into our site each time you visit. Please note that member IDs, passwords, and any other account-related data included in such cookies are encrypted for security purposes. Unless you register with us, these cookies will not contain any personal information. The cookies described in this bullet point are first party cookies.

(ii) To help us provide targeted advertisements and content to you through our site. For example, when you access a page on our site, our third party advertising partners (including Bluekai, which you can opt out of here) will set a cookie to recognise your browser as you navigate the Internet and present you with targeted advertising based on your interests. The cookies described in this bullet point are third party cookies. To learn more about targeted advertising and how you can accept or refuse these type of advertisements, we recommend that you visit www.youronlinechoices.eu and www.aboutads.info/choices.

(iii) To help improve our website offering and for capacity planning purposes, we or our third party service providers may set analytics cookies. These allow us to gather aggregated or segmented information about the types of visitors that access our site and the pages and advertisements that they view, and we do not use this information to personally identify any individual. The cookies described in this bullet point may be first or third party cookies.

You have the right to choose whether or not to accept cookies. As the means by which you can do this varies from browser to browser, you should view the Help menu on the browser you use for further information. The Help menu on most browsers will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie, or how to disable cookies altogether. You can also find information about how to control cookies on the third party resource www.allaboutcookies.org. Please note that certain aspects of our site (including the Trips Service) use cookies in order to function. If you refuse cookies, these aspects of the site will therefore be unavailable to you.

KAYAK does make money by selling advertising as well as referrals from searches on our site. Our third party advertising partners often use Web beacons (single pixel GIF images) which are tiny graphics with a unique identifier, similar in function to cookies, that are placed in the code of a Web page to track when a click becomes a sale (cha ching).

8. Can We Email You Sometime?

Except for service announcements, administrative messages and those much-needed emails confirming your registration, providing you with account information, or relating directly to an itinerary or travel profiles created through the Trips Service, we will not send you any emails unless you opt-in to receive communications from us. If you opt-in to receive communications from us, you will receive information we believe will be of use and interest to you, including targeted email marketing messages from us or our third party advertising partners. If you decide that you are no longer interested in receiving email communications from us, you may follow the instructions in our emails to unsubscribe from our email list or opt-out from your My Account pages

9. Every Website Has Its Own Voice and Policies

Although we work with responsible third parties, their business policies may include different privacy policies and practices than we have. So when you click through to third party websites, our privacy policies no longer apply. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of these partner websites.

10. Big Kids Only Please

KAYAK does not knowingly collect Personal Data from people under the age of 18. If we become aware of the fact that a minor is attempting to submit this information, we will remove it from our records.

11. Should We Evolve, Change, Self Actualise

KAYAK reserves the right to modify this privacy statement at any time. If there are material changes to this statement on how KAYAK will use your Personal Data, we will prominently post these changes prior to implementing them. If you use our website after we post these changes, this indicates your acceptance of them. Regardless of later updates, we will follow the privacy practices described in this privacy statement at the time you provided us with your information. If you have questions about our privacy policies, please send feedback.

12. Right to Information/Rectification

You are entitled at any time and without any fee to obtain information about all your personal data that we store. Also, you can at any time withdraw your consent to the use of the data that you have given when the data were collected. In addition, you can always demand the deletion and the rectification of your data. However, statutory provisions, especially such regarding technical accounting and bookkeeping purposes, may prohibit such a deletion. In order to revoke your consent to the use of data, to obtain information or to demand a rectification, blocking or deletion, please contact:

Or in writing to:

KAYAK Europe GmbH

C/O Privacy Officer

Fraumünsterstrasse 16

8001 Zürich


Last updated: 8 March 2013

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