Web Developer Service Contract

This is a collection of simple and relatively generic service contracts for the Design / Development crowd.

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Service Contract for Web Developer


Company: WARPAINT Media Inc.

Developer: Angela Romanoff

Term: 1 January 2014 to 23 April 2014

Services: Any task or series of tasks done by the Developer on request from the Company, or as part of fulfilling a request from the Company.

Product: Any code, images, markup, scripts, content created by the Developer while performing Services.

Intangibles: Knowledge about solutions to problems, methods, or designs.

Supplies & Equipment:Physical or digital assets required to fulfill request for services, as approved in advance by the Company.


  1. Rate: Developer shall be paid at the rate of $15 CAD per hour, up to a maximum of 7 hours. All hours beyond this maximum are subject to approval by the Company. All hours worked beyond the Term must be approved.

  2. Payment: The Company shall send payment to the Developer within 14 days of receiving an invoice.

  3. Terms of Payment: Invoices will be billed to the Company monthly for the number of hours worked in addition to any approved reimbursement due for supplies and equipment.

  4. Copyright and Ownership: Copyright and Ownership of all Products created while performing Services for the Company will be transferred to the Company upon receipt of payment in full, except in the cases described below.

  5. Copyright Exceptions

    1. The Developer reserves the right to reuse and re-license portions of the created Product as desired, with express Company permission, as long as the portions are general solutions to common problems and are not specific to the Company product.
    2. The Developer reserves the right to feature Products created while under contract in his or her portfolio of works, provided it is free of any agreement on non-disclosure.
    3. Any portions of the Product whose copyright is withheld by the Developer are licensed to the Client for use in the Product under the MIT license: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php
    4. The Company will only be billed for portions of the Product which were created during the effective period of this contract and created while performing Services for the Company.
  6. Intangible Property: The Developer retains ownership of all Intangibles gained by the Developer (that are not previously owned by the Company) while providing Services.

  7. Termination: The Developer must give the Company at least 48 hours notice before termination. The Company may terminate the contract at anytime. The Developer will only bill for the period up to the point of termination. The Developer will provide all Product created during the time before termination.

  8. Changes: Either party may request to modify the terms of this contract at any time. When both parties consent to new terms and a new contract is signed, this contract is terminated immediately.

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