spright.ca Confidentiality Agreement

This is a Canadian NDA specific to Manitoba

This agreement is made as of DD/MM/YY, by and between: spright.ca (hereinafter called “the Developer”) located in WINNIPEG, MANITOBA and STUDENT NAME (hereinafter called “the Student”).

While this Agreement is in effect, and at all times thereafter, the Student:

  1. shall treat as confidential all information, data, documents and materials acquired or to which access has been given in the course of, or incidental to, the performance of this Agreement;
  2. shall not disclose, or permit to be disclosed, to any person, corporation or organization such information, data, documents or material without first obtaining written permission from the Developer;
  3. shall comply with any rules or directions made or given by the Developer with respect to safeguarding or ensuring the confidentiality of such information, data, documents or materials;
  4. shall comply with the provisions of The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of Manitoba (FIPPA). Contracting, including the outsourcing of programs and services, is impacted by the legislation as it relates to the custody and control of records. Personal information pursuant to this Agreement, and information contained within this Agreement, is subject to disclosure pursuant to the provisions of the said legislation.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Developer and the Student have duly affixed their signatures on this DDstday of MONTH, 2015.

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