Work Agreement between writer and artist

Blank work agreement for comic writers. Uses are for artist, colorist,pencilers, inkers, and letterers.

This document shall serve as a written agreement provided by Shane Ventura - henceforth referred to as Writer - to NAME henceforth referred to as Title. This agreement concerns artwork needed for the completion of the comic Name of Project - henceforth referred to as Project.

The terms of this agreement are as follows:

  • The Writer will own all rights of copyrights and trademarks of the Project and any writings and images/logos involved with the property. All Work created by The Title shall belong exclusively to Writer.
  • The Writer will own all rights to publish, print, copy or reprint the Project.
  • The Title presents that all work provided is wholly original.
  • The Title will receive proper credit for all work done for the Project.
  • The Title will provide names of all those involved in producing the Project for the purposes of giving credit.
  • The Title will be paid a project rate of Amount on Date.
  • The Title shall provide work in progress updates to the Writer at each stage of the production - finished sketch, finished inks & and finished page. This is to minimize necessary edits.
  • During the term of this agreement and at all times thereafter, the Title agrees not to disclose to others any information about the Project. The obligations of the Title under this paragraph shall not apply to any information that becomes public knowledge through no fault of the Title.
  • The Title reserves the right to publish incomplete samples from the Project for the purposes of portfolio building. The finished Project shall only be shared, distributed, etc. by the Writer.
  • The Title shall deliver all digital files of the project via e-mail, drop box or in a disk at the time of completion.
  • The Project will begin on Date.
  • The Project will be delivered completed and in full by Date - unless an agreement is reached between the Title and the Writer in writing.
  • Termination: Both parties can terminate this agreement at any time. Should the Title terminate this agreement, the deposit shall be refunded and ownership of any completed works defaults to the Title. Should the Writer terminate, the deposit is non-refundable.

Those signed below have read and accept the terms of this agreement.