HackerBay, Inc. Property Agreement


HackerBay, Inc.

21 DryDock Ave, STE610E, Boston, MA. 02210. United States. +1-510-775-0208

Employee Name: Name

Employee Address

Date: Date

Description of Equipment or Property Required / Issued to an Employee:

Item(s) Name, Description and Cost

I want the property to be shipped here:

Shipping Address

By signing this form, I agree to the following:

  • I am responsible for the equipment or property issued to me;
  • I will use it/them in the manner intended;
  • I will be responsible for any damage done
  • Upon separation from the Company, I will return the item(s) issued to me in proper working order and will be responsible for the courier of the item to the company HQ in Hyderabad, India and I will be responsible for paying courier charges.
  • I understand that the company will file a report with the local police on the event of my failure to return the company property upon seperation from the company.
  • I will replace any items issued to me that are damaged or lost at my expense;
  • I authorize a payroll deduction to cover the replacement cost of any item issued to me that is not returned for whatever reason, or is not returned in good working order.