Rental Agreement - Plain Language Lease - July 07, 2019

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This is a plain language lease I used for years with tenants in Pennsylvania.

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1) PARTIES: This agreement is entered into on this date  February 7, 2019  between the following parties RESIDENT(S):  Joel Daved Friedman and Jessie Jen-Wei Chen and owner: Myrna Klavan. Resident agrees to rent the premises at the following location subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

2) SUBJECT PROPERTY: 1006 Lamberton Dr. Silver Spring MD 20902


a) This lease begins on February 7, 2019 This lease ends on February 7, 2020.

b) To end this lease Landlord or Tenant must give 60 days notice before the ending date or any renewal period.

Rent $650 Bi-Weekly 

16) ASSIGNMENT and SUBLETTING: Resident will not sublet or re-let any part of the premises or assign this Agreement without prior consent of the landlord or management.

17) UTILITIES: Are included in the rent.


a) Primary Residence: Tenant agrees to use the leased property as a private residence only for tenant and authorized occupants only.

b) Use of Leased Property Tenant agrees not to use the leased property for any unlawful or hazardous purposes. Tenant needs written permission from Landlord before using the leased property for any business or profession.

c) Obey all laws: Tenant agrees to obey government housing regulations, local and state laws, and condominium and home owner association rules as they apply to Tenants.

d) Keep safe and clean: Tenant agrees to keep the leased property safe against fire and water damage. Tenant agrees to remove trash, garbage, and other waste in a safe manner.

e) Heating sources: Tenant agrees not to use any other heating source than the one provided in the leased property. Tenant will keep temperature at 60 degrees or above at all times.


a) No Noise: Tenant is responsible for the behavior and conduct of all people, either living with or visiting the Tenant. It is Tenant’s responsibility to make sure these individuals behave in a manner that will not disturb neighbors.

c) Pests: Landlord is giving the leased property free of insects, rodents, and pests at move-in. Tenant agrees to pay for a pest control service if needed after the tenth (10th) day of move-in.

d) Locks: Tenant agrees not to change locks or put additional locks on doors without Landlord’s written permission. Landlord may remove any locks put on by Tenant. Tenant will pay the cost of the new locks.

e) Phone Numbers: Tenant agrees to provide Landlord with current home and work phone numbers and will tell Landlord of any change in these numbers.


a) Government Regulations: Landlord agrees to keep the leased property and common areas as required by law or government regulation.

b) Good Repair: Landlord agrees to keep in good repair and working order the electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, air conditioning, and all other services. Tenant will advise Landlord in writing of any of these items not in good repair or working order. Landlord is not responsible for damage caused by Tenant negligence or intentional acts.

2leased property is in satisfactory condition.

37) NO OTHER PROMISES: No promises have been made to Resident except as contained in this agreement, and as follows: ___________________________________________________

38) USE OF PREMISES. The premises shall be used as a dwelling unit and for no other purposes. Resident shall use, in a reasonable manner, all facilities, utilities and appliances on the premises and shall maintain the premises and facilities in a clean and sanitary condition at all times and upon termination of the tenancy shall surrender the premises in as good condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear and damage by the elements excepted. Resident further agrees to make all utility payments, (that are listed in their name), on time during the term of this tenancy and will be considered in breach of this agreement for nonpayment and will be held liable for any resulting added charges and damages.

39) PLUMBING: Expense or damage caused by stoppage of waste pipes, overflow of bathtubs, toilets or washbasins caused by Resident's conduct shall be Resident's responsibility.

40) ALTERATIONS: Resident shall not tamper with or make alterations (including painting, nail holes, contact or wallpaper) to the premises without Manager's prior written consent. All curtains, mini-blinds, fixtures, shelves and carpet present in the premises before move-in, must remain when resident vacates. In addition, locks may not be changed or added without Owner's or manager's prior written permission. And if permission is granted, a copy of any new keys will be given to the management within three days after the change. If resident is locked out of the premises, there is a charge of $50 to open the premises between the hours of 9AM and 5 PM. A charge of $100 for opening the premises beyond those hours. Additional charges apply if key is lost and locks must be changed.

41) VEHICLES: Only authorized vehicles may be parked on the premises. These vehicles include: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________All vehicles kept on the premises must be operational and have current registration, tags, decals and license required by local and state laws. Any vehicle not meeting these requirements or unauthorized vehicles will be removed at the resident's expense after being given 72 hour notification. Vehicles must be parked only on paved or designated areas. Resident further understands that no repairing, servicing or painting of the vehicle is permitted on the premises. Resident also agrees never to park or store a recreational vehicle, motor home or trailer of any type.

Resident's signature:___________________________________ Date: February 7, 2019

Resident's signature:___________________________________ Date: February 7, 2019

Owner's signature:____________________________________ Date: February 7, 2019

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