Guiding Motivations Children's Book Contract (Jero's Journey)

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This contractual documents gives the Author, Prince F. Robertson and all other persons/entities involved in the production of Guiding Motivations, the right to use illustrated designs for publication purposes of future published book , 'Jero's Journey: Finding Hope in Autism' and website ''.

This document acknowledges that it is agreed upon that the foregoing is without receipt, demand, expectation or legal right to any compensation beyond the agreed upon flat fee for illustrations.

Terms and Conditions

Before work on the project begins, 50% will be paid to the Illustrator. Guiding Motivations will not pay the full price of the illustration before the project has been completed!


Additional Revisions or Edits: An edit is when a file is opened to make an adjustment. The Guiding Motivations is allowed two free edits/revisions per commission. Additional edits will be an extra fee. The designer will not re-do the entire design, unless they are paid an additional fee that is to be discussed. (Taken from CH Commission Agreement Contract)

Project Timeline

This contract is on-going to it's completion.

Publication Notes

*Guiding Motivations and Illustrator will not move beyond the signed contract in sharing of book profit royalties. Illustrator will have name on the cover of book as "Illustrator", in addition to any publicized information, i.e. website, contact information.

It is understand and agreed upon that the illustrated designs will be public and used all purposes of this book and website.

I have read this release and am fully familiar with and understand its contents.