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Our company Clavit is an innovative,
elegant and modern platform for
beauty, care and well-being.

The best
masks, oils and
styling products
for all hair types
according to
trichologists and

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. Its main
function is protective. And that's where the skin has a hard time.
Imagine how many negative environmental factors it is exposed
to (heat, cold, sun, wind), and it is not getting any younger with
The task of cosmetic products is to help your skin cope with its
main task without compromising its appearance. When it feels
good, it looks good, too.

Creams are the
main category of
cosmetic skin care
products. They have
many tasks: to
moisturize the
skin, to protect it,
to nourish it and
to fight for its
youthfulness, if

Getting enough vitamins is a very
important process, since most of them
are not synthesized in the human body.
But since hypodynamia is a widespread
problem in today's world, people do not
need a lot of food because it supplies too
many calories, which leads to overweight
and related diseases.
And yet despite the reduced need for
calories, the need for vitamins is less

Enough information, express blog,
recommendations, reviews. It's all
We love you. More to come!

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