Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Better In Life

This is a article related to Hollywood celebrities abut their kindness.

Lady Gaga:

Woman Gaga. I worked room administration and the bar at an inn she was remaining at. Lady Gaga requested room administration and I brought it up. She was in easygoing garments and was very pleasant and respectful and tipped well. It appeared as though close to 30 minutes after the fact she was at the bar all Gaga'd out chatted with a portion of the regulars. Not a breathtaking story but rather it got me off guard. When I heard she was staying I anticipated that her should be a super diva like a portion of alternate ones we had remain. Tyra Banks: I adore Tyra! I went to her syndicated program once (first column) and something was turning out badly with some gear, so she just sat on the edge of the stage and visited with us for a couple of minutes. At that point gave everybody Japanese treat. She was so sweet. Hayley Williams: I kept running into Hayley Williams from Paramore in a Sephora a year ago. She was extremely sweet and didn't appear to be tried to address me by any stretch of the imagination. She likewise had extremely decent skin, I kinda lament not asking her what facial items she employments. Ludacris: I was bowling at the highest point of the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, and my gathering coincidentally got another gathering's beverage request. Turns out it was the table ideal alongside us. I go up to this kinda short person and tap him on the shoulder and state, 'Hello man, I figure we may have gotten your folks' beverages unintentionally.' Guy pivots and it's Ludacris. He says, 'No stresses sibling, keep them. We out. Y'all have a decent night aight.' Thanks, Lud!