Maidens of the Wild: Quest of Queens - Book 1 Contract

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Professional Services Contract

THIS AGREEMENT is entered into this DATE by and between Bryce H. Williams currently based at 830 S. Steele St. Tacoma, WA 98405 hereinafter referred to as TITAN INC and

_________________________________________________________________________, hereinafter referred to as Consultant.

1. Consultant, pursuant to the provisions of this agreement, is retained by TITAN INC to provide publishing services for TITAN INC. The specific services to be provided to TITAN INC by the Consultant are:
The comic book interior art (26 pages) and the accompanying concept art and cover art necessary to produce book 1 of the project currently titled “Maidens of the Wild: Quest of Queens” as prior agreed upon by both parties.

See Professional Services Agreement, attached/included below. AGREEMENT OUTLINES DUTIES TO BE PERFORMED.

2. As full and complete payment for Consultant's services and for the discharge of all Consultant's obligation hereunder, TITAN INC shall pay Consultant according to the following schedule:

A. FEES: A total retainer of $1000 (US CURRENCY) for performance of the services and completion of the interior art and related concept work for the comic book (book 1) as specified in the Professional Services Agreement and 1, above.

B. EXPENSES: Consultant will provide at its own all ordinary and personal items as may be necessary or appropriate to the rendering of the services herein contemplated. TITAN INC will not be responsible for payment or reimbursement of any fees or expenses of Consultant, excepting for those fees and expense items specifically authorized or otherwise set forth in this or the Professional Services Agreement and as specified in services / work. TITAN INC will reimburse Consultant for all reasonable expenses incurred which are incidental to the services performed hereunder and which have been agreed upon in advance by TITAN INC and Consultant.

3. Billing and Payment: Payment of fees and reimbursement for expenses incurred will be made within a previously agreed upon amount of days after receipt of the finished manga/comic pages by TITAN INC, depending on the work required. First payment for $100 will be submitted no later than one week after the contracts have been signed and Consultant has begun work on the project. ADDITIONAL payments will be submitted in the manner specified by the Professional Services Agreement.

4. It is understood that Consultant is an independent professional contractor and that Consultant will not in any event be construed as or hold themselves to be employees of TITAN INC. It is further agreed that at no time will the Consultant or the work efforts of the Consultant be under the supervision or control of TITAN INC, although Consultant agrees to comply with all reasonable requests and regulations applicable to any other business invitee of TITAN INC. It is also agreed that Consultant, as an independent contractor, is not restricted to working exclusively for TITAN INC during the term of the agreement.

5. Ownership or Work. Works shall be considered made-for-hire under the United States Copyright Act and US Copyright Law and, at all stages of development, shall be and remain the sole and exclusive property of TITAN INC. Consultant further agrees to take all actions and execute and deliver all documents requested by TITAN INC in order to evidence the assignment of TITAN INC's rights in and to the Work.

6. Consultant is responsible for Workers Compensation, Disability, Unemployment, Automobile Insurance, and any other insurance required by the country of the United States. Consultant is also responsible for payment of any other applicable tax as required by the county of the United States. Consultant is not eligible for any benefits TITAN INC may provide for its employees if TITAN INC had any.

7. The parties hereto acknowledge that during the course of Consultant's service to TITAN INC pursuant to this agreement, it will become necessary or desirable for TITAN INC to disclose to Consultant a substantial amount of TITAN INC Proprietary Information. Consultant fully understands that the maintenance of such information in strict confidence and the confinement of its use to TITAN INC is of vital importance to TITAN INC. Consultant agrees that the information and knowledge divulged to the Consultant by TITAN INC or which Consultant acquires in connection with or as a result of Consultant's services hereunder will be regarded by Consultant as confidential.

8. Consultant recognizes that all records and copies of records touching TITAN INC's operations, investigations and business made or received by Consultant during the period of this agreement are and will be the exclusive property of TITAN INC, and Consultant will keep the same at all times in Consultant's custody and subject to Consultant's control, and will surrender the same to TITAN INC immediately upon the request of TITAN INC, or upon completion to agreed upon services.

9. This agreement is effective on the below date entered into and will terminate upon satisfactory completion of agreed upon services, but no later than four (4) months after the effective date. TITAN INC or Consultant may terminate this agreement without cause upon TEN (10) days written notification to the other party at the address shown in this agreement. TITAN INC may terminate this agreement immediately upon Consultant's refusal to, or inability to perform under the agreement or Consultant's breach of this agreement. Further, this agreement shall be terminated automatically in the event of TITAN INC's or Consultant's death. On termination of this agreement, TITAN INC's obligation to pay Consultant, except for services already accrued or incurred, will forthwith cease and terminate.

10. If mutually agreeable to TITAN INC and Consultant, this agreement may be extended. Such extension will be documented by written amendment, duly signed and dated by both parties.

11. Neither party to this agreement may assign, sell or transfer any part thereof to any other firm or entity without first obtaining the written permission of the other party hereto.

12. This agreement has been negotiated, executed and delivered in the State of Washington. The parties hereto agree that all questions pertaining to the validity and interpretation of this agreement will be determined in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington.

This agreement and referenced attachments constitute the entire contract of the parties hereto and supersedes any prior agreement between the parties.

Dated: 5/14/2015

By: Bryce H. Williams, for TITAN INC

By: __________________________________________________, for Consultant

Professional Services Agreement


The aforementioned Consultant hereby agrees to execute all defined duties (manga comic related artwork) for TITAN INC as defined below:

A) Interior Art Illustrations. This shall include sketches and elements of character designs and/or modifications to those sketch and designs followed by completed interior art illustration pages based on the initial sketches and designs. Further, all related art will be delivered to TITAN INC and completed illustration pages will be delivered in a high resolution, print quality format.

B) Alterations to initial sketches, character designs, interior pages, and so forth may be proposed before the final interior illustrations are produced. The Consultant is expected to make these modifications, within reason, without any additional changes in the fee or base pay rate per interior page illustration.

C) Significant redesigning shall not be accorded a position of Author or Creator for the Work. Rather, Consultant shall be named as Concept Artist, or Chief Concept Artist, should the efforts so merit. Furthermore, Consultant shall be listed as Illustrator of the work and be fully credited as his efforts warrant.

Payment will consist of $37 per completed interior art manga comic page, paid at this base rate. Additional payments will total $100 for concept art, cover, and any alterations or edits necessary. TITAN INC reserves the right to increase or decrease payment (but no lower than the minimum of the aforementioned base rate) to the consultant without notice. Base payment will be contracted at $37 per completed manga/comic interior art page, in USD. Full payment for all completed pages of book 1 (for up to a maximum of $1000) will be received by Consultant no later than September 18th 2015 or a maximum of 15 days after TITAN INC receives and signs off on all of the finished Work, whichever comes first.

Consultant shall have (120) days to make any changes and complete any pages commissioned for this project covered under this contract from the Date that TITAN INC receives a signed Work-For-Hire contract.


Total price of $1000 will include one finished comic book (26 completed pages in color, gray-scale, or screen-tone), any necessary concept art, and the accompanying cover art connected to the currently title, "Maidens of the Wild: Quest of Queens" Book 1 manga/comic book.

The total amount will be paid in six (6) installments:

First installment: $100 US. After receiving the initial down payment, Consultant beginnings on the concept work for TITAN INC. The Consultant will work on any necessary character concepts, sketches, and related art. The Consultant will also begin work on pages 1-5. Once they are completed, we will advance to the second installment.

Second Installment: $175 US. Once any corrections are discussed and the second installment is made, Consultant will send the hi-resolution copies of pages 1-5 and start working on the next batch of comic book pages. Once pages 6-11 are completed, we will advance to the third installment.

Third Installment: $175 US. At this point, corrections (if necessary) will be made to pages 6-11 and Consultant will send the hi-resolution copies of pages 6-11. Then Consultant will begin working on pages 12-16. Once all this is completed, we will advance to the fourth installment.

Fourth Installment: $175 US. At this point, corrections (if necessary) will be made to pages 12-16 and Consultant will send the hi-resolution copies of pages 12-16. Then Consultant will begin working on pages 17-21. Once all this is completed, we will advance to the fifth installment.

Fifth Installment: $175 US. At this point, corrections (if necessary) will be made to pages 17-21 and Consultant will send the hi-resolution copies of pages 17-21. Then Consultant will begin working on pages 22-26. Once all this is completed, we will advance to the final installment.

Sixth Installment: $200. At this point, corrections (if necessary) will be made to pages 22-26 and upon receiving the final $200 installment Consultant will send the hi-resolution copies of pages 22-26. Consultant will then begin work on and complete the cover art for book 1. All 26 pages should be received no later than September 14th, 2015. Once all this is completed, this contract has been fulfilled in full.

Dated: 5/14/2015

By: Bryce H. Williams, for TITAN INC

By:___________________________________________ , for Consultant