30 Day Move Out Notice for Rental - April 30, 2014 (1)

30 day move out notice for use of the tenant to the rental property managers/owners.


ATT: Jessika Moher Property Manager:

According to the terms of my lease, I will vacate my apartment prior to October 31, 2017 @ 1528 A Charity Lane Hazel Green Al 35750.I feel that I have been harassed and my concerns and request for repairs have been ignored ;I have had my privacy invaded by landlords daughter in law and I feel the entrance to my unit without prior notice was another attempt at trying to intimidate and harass me .At this point I am not sure I even feel safe and secure to stay at the unit since Mr Childress just entered my home without any prior notice and his daughter in law has come up to my garage taking pictures inside it and I have on 2 occasions had the clerk at the store tell me she was pulled in my drive way got out and was taking pictures and looking through my stuff as well as my items being thrown in ditch .I did have nanny cams placed in July when Harassment began to substantiate this.I have been told many bold face lies and treated as if I just arrived from Jupiter and had no common sense or intelligence at all .I feel that malicious intent in any way possible is being directed at myself and my child who no longer feels safe or able to stay in home .Not to mention the possible deadly infestation of Black Widows ,Hazardous Septic Overflow ,Electrical Issue not in OSHA standards, Defamatory and Fictitious reports and rumors that I am being burdened daily with addressing non stop AND the Stalking type behavior of Ms Childress next door .I find it quit odd that for 23 months my rent has been paid on time and my access to website was revoked and I dropped payment to the Drake Office and it mysteriously vanished.

In accordance with the move-out cleaning instructions, I will have house clean and yard mowed .

I would appreciate the return of my security deposit within the time frame Alabama law allows.I do not feel like arrangements will be honored for proper exit walk through and due to all the dishonesty do not think it would be honorable.My new address will be

1820 Old Fairway lane Huntsville AL 35806

Teresa Kay Bevels -Billings

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