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This document is a letter stating the job applicant has been selected for an interview. A company writes this job invitation letter to the applicant to welcome him in the company.

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3o oct, ‘2019


On behalf of CrasfordCorp, I would like to congratulate you for having been chosen us the new project  for the company. As behalf from our corporation, we will like to offer few more different projects. Will contribute your best to make the company’s reputation. We can assure that working within our energetic environment will also make you satisfied. We have some schedule activities for each projecta that helps in the team building process.

The team, which you will supervise, has already been informed of your coming and they are eagerly waiting to meet you. Our each member is a trusted person so you will not face any difficulty to coordinate with them.

I wish you good luck for your new project meeting !

If you have any doubt regarding the stated information, you can call me at any time. I will be happy to help you.

Congratulations once again.

Best Regards,

Respectfully Yours,

(Rita Fling)

(HR Director)



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