Topos FFO Statement

A statement of shared values for Topos FFO.

THIS STATEMENT is made thisday of, 20__, to set forth the stated intention of ((entities)) to continue in a collaborative and cooperative fluid fractal organism (FFO) - for social, cultural and financial benefit around their common affinities.

This letter sets forth the vision statement and key characteristics under which the entities of the FFO intend to develop a partnership agreement and act from a business perspective.


Key characteristics of the TOPOS FFO include:

((aforementioned entities)) will endeavor to cooperate with one another to develop a community to create aesthetic interfaces, games, utilities & toolsets that

  • transition and evolve current socio-economic models
  • lead to the emergence of collaborative marketplaces
  • co-create value through the leveraging of affinities around shared narratives
  • dimensionalize that data via immersive technologies
  • enhance emergent properties and multiplicity
  • empower transparency and accountability
  • contribute and reciprocate with the open-source community
  • ...create a ground of engagement for entities to interact and nourish one another: a coordinating layer of both our value network and the wider web itself


The principles of the cooperative relationship are:

  • All initiatives will be tested towards their potential to mutually and reciprocally enhance entities
  • By all means practicable, all initiatives will strengthen co-emergent interests
  • An ambience of partner cooperation will allow for mutually agreed-upon concurrent agendas
  • Critical decisions will be undertaken in an ambience of openness and directed dialogue
  • the development of evolving equational value assessment frameworks for value distribution
  • All value co-creation will be undertaken in an ambience of transparency
  • These principles we place before personalities.


Technology offers the possibility of analyzing and directing the mental processes involved in computing our choices towards an optimized state of freedom.

By developing interfaces and utilities, we might find greater degrees of personal and collaborative freedom not only by means of increased computing resources and information access, but also by upgrading the very way we compute.

If we gain sufficient understanding of how mental processes arise, we can begin to devise general methods of ridding them from unnecessary redundancies and increasing their aesthetic and creative qualities.

This is our mission: to utilize the sciences of the mind, providing us with powerful insights and tools to help us optimize individual and collaborative freedoms.


When we no longer feel we share common affinities, we must arrange to fluidly be able to move past that block to continue with the affinities that we do still have in common, if we so desire.

Concurrent agendas are possible by transparent best practices, which in turn respect the vision that we have set forward.

No longer sharing specific affinities does not render collaboration mutually exclusive.

A recognition of these characteristics and principles is the bedrock of our collaboration: we will, each of us, make best efforts to continue to evolve those characteristics and principles, guided by balancing what is best for all of us against what is best for our company.


This Statement contains the entire understanding between the sentient entities with respect to its subject matter and supersedes any prior understandings and agreements between them with respect thereto.