Kitchen Rental Agreement - April 08, 2019

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This is a rental agreement for commercial kitchen use primarily operated and maintained by the owner/primary tenant.

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Kitchen Rental Agreement

This agreement, made this day of , April, 01 , 2019 , by and between BRAZILIAN FAST FOOD,
(hereinafter called landlord) and CHEESE ROLL PLACE PARTNERS (hereinafter called tenant).

The landlord and tenant agree that:

1. The landlord has this day agreed to allow tenant use of the commercial kitchen located at and
described as: Corinto and Family Restaurant, 393, Main Street, Everett - MA, 02149 . The term
of this agreement shall be from 12:00 noon on 04/01/2019  until 12:00 noon on 12/31/19.
2. Tenant and Landlord agree to a reevaluation of terms on a semiannual basis to be scheduled for
6 Months. Any amendments to this agreement can be made only during reevaluation. 

3. A. Tenant will give 30 days written notice before the end of the agreement period of intent to
renew agreement for said premises or vacate upon termination of the agreement.
A. If this agreement has no specific term (month to month only) either party will give 30
day’s written notice before end of any rental month before terminating the agreement. 

4. The Tenant shall pay Landlord either
A. A  flat rate of $500 per month for: Basement Space Rental;  
B. A variable rate based on week meat preparation:

I) $180 Per week in the first 3 months;

II) $250 from the fouth  month;

5. The landlord will prepare the meats requested weekly by the Tenant. The Tenant must deliver all the raw materials accompanied by the weekly production worksheet.

I) The landlord must prepare the meats according to the standards required by the tenant;

II) In case of quality deviation, non-compliance document will be issued and the Tenant may be fined;

III) The landlord undertakes to deliver the requested meat on the date requested by Tenant in the weekly production worksheet. Once accepted the proposed date, it can not be changed except  with express agreement of the Tenant. In case of non-compliance The Landlord will be fined in $250 per occurence

D. The amount rate set  in item A, is due on the fifth business day of each month. A variable rate is due at last business day of the month.
6. Tenant and Landlord agree that the following utilities are included in the monthly rate:
Electricity, Natural Gas, Water/Sewer, and Trash Removal Service.
7. Tenant and Landlord agree that the following basic kitchen supplies will be provided as part of
the month or hourly rate: Paper towels, Toilet Paper, Bleach/Sanitizer, Dish Soap, Hand Soap,
Baking Pan Liners, Surface Cleaners (Soft Scrub, Windex), Scrub Sponges, Mop, Mop Bucket,
Broom, Dust Pan, and Ice Melt (when applicable).
8. Tenant and Landlord agree that use of the following equipment and the applicable usage tax is
included in the monthly rate:  Separate Refrigerator,  Separate Freezer and Dry Storage.
9. Tenant and Landlord agree that a dry storage area of approximately 2’x 4’ will be included in the
monthly or hourly rate.

10. The landlord must provide key and access code so that the tenant has ample and unrestricted access to the kitchen.
11. Tenant agrees to sign in and sign out on the provided Kitchen Usage Log each time kitchen
access is gained.
12. Tenant is responsible for maintaining his/her License to Operate a Retail Food Establishment and
any other licenses applicable to his/her business.
13. Tenant must provide to Landlord a current copy of his/her Business Insurance naming The
Kitchen Pantry and Gloria Stultz named insured on the policy.
14. The tenant shall:
A. Maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen as outlined in the attached Kitchen Chores and
Basic Kitchen Upkeep documents.
B. Make no alterations, installations, repairs or redecoration (including painting) of any
kind to the premises without first obtaining written permission from the landlord.
C. Pay for any damage to the leased premises caused by an act of the tenant or any
members of the tenant’s family, guest(s), customer(s), and/or employee(s).
D. Be responsible for liability, theft, and accident pertaining to the kitchen usage, unless
caused by landlord’s negligence.
E. Abide by governmental laws and regulations regarding care and occupancy of the
F. Give prompt notice to landlord or manage of any maintenance required.
15. The landlord shall be responsible for the following maintenance duties during the term of this
agreement except to the extent that any such item is made necessary by the acts of the tenant,
tenant’s family, guest(s), customer(s), and/or employee(s):
A. Repairs to the interior of the premises including the named equipment.
B. Coordination of kitchen schedule, and general kitchen operations.
16. If the building is destroyed and made untenable by fire or other causes, the landlord or tenant
shall have the right to terminate the lease, and landlord shall return the unused portion of any pre-
paid rent. Nothing herein shall be construed so as to compel the landlord to rebuild the premises
in case of destruction.
17. In the event of any legal action concerning this lease, the losing party shall pay to the prevailing
party reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs to be fixed by the court wherein such judgments
shall be entered.
18. If tenant abandons the premises or, upon legal termination of agreement, has his/her personal
effects remaining upon the premises, said belongings become the property of the landlord, to be
disposed of as (s) he so chooses. At that time, landlord may, if (s) he chooses, change the locks
on the premises and may deny the tenant all further access thereto.










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