Privacy Policy for GrammarPal

This is the Privacy Policy for GrammarPal Android app on the Play Store.

GrammarPal is an app which helps its users find and fix grammatical errors in their texts. The app does not collect any personally identifiable data. The app requires the use of accessibility services to function properly and the requested accessibility permissions are described below.


  • Observe your actions: This is used by GrammarPal to detect when you are typing, in order to show and hide the floating button accordingly.
  • Retrieve window content: This is used by GrammarPal to retrieve the text field from which the scan was initiated and replace its text after you have fixed all grammatical errors

The app does not store what you type in any text field. This data is ONLY used for error checking which is done through LanguageTool's API via a secure HTTPS connection.

To understand how LanguageTool handles your texts, see their privacy policy.

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