Circumferential face and neck lift

The surgical facelift, often referred to as the "circular facelift", evolved from methods of rejuvenation aimed at eliminating age-related changes by excising excess skin. Since initially only the outward signs of aging were studied, the first step in the development of surgical facial rejuvenation was to stretch the skin and remove excess skin.

Facelifting or facelift is a surgical procedure to reduce age-related changes that occur on the face and neck. Facelift gives restoration of the contours of the face and neck by returning the drooping facial tissues to their former position.Plastic surgery click here to see cosmetic surgery!

The surgery removes excess skin, strengthens facial muscles and creates a new facial contour.

The priority of modern medicine in the field of surgical rejuvenation, can be considered a manipulation aimed at restoring the youthful anatomy of the face. Restoration of not only its external, but also internal structures. After all, the aging of the face is not so much caused by the appearance of excess skin. The main processes that lead to age-related changes in the face are related to deformation and changes in the position of fat, muscle tone and bone resorption.

Advances in understanding of age-related facial changes have greatly changed traditional approaches to surgical lifting techniques. There was a transition from a simple facelift to a combined correction of the face, working at deeper levels of facial tissues and the neck.

A surgical face lift

The patient underwent a surgical face lift with SMAS. Blepharoplasty was performed earlier. We corrected the oval of face and neck during this operation.

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Indications for Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Indications for complex facial rejuvenation can be seen, as they say, the naked eye: aging eyelids, sagging midface and loss of facial oval.

With age, there are changes in the face. By restoring the proper location of subcutaneous tissues, removing excess fat, and excising excess skin, surgical facial and neck rejuvenation can remove the visible signs of aging. A facelift can be performed as a stand-alone surgery or in combination with other surgical procedures such as forehead and brow surgery, blepharoplasty and lipofilling. Any facial surgery is combined with a facelift except rhinoplasty, because the combination of these operations, due to the large swelling can worsen the result of a nose job. Therefore, facial plastic surgery and rhinoplasty should be performed as two different operations with an interval of at least two months.

A circular facelift can only be performed surgically, non-surgical rejuvenation procedures can not achieve the same results, but it can delay the need for a facelift and complement its results. All facial and neck rejuvenation surgeries can be performed in complex and combined with surgeries such as blepharoplasty, forehead and brow lift, and lipofilling.

Circumferential face lift indications for surgery:

Drooping (ptosis) of the forehead skin

Significant age-related changes in the upper and/or lower eyelids

Loosening and ptosis of the midface

Significant excess skin below the lower eyelids with deep wrinkles

Deep lines from nose to mouth (nasolabial folds)

Fat that has migrated from the upper face to the lower third of the face due to ptosis.

Loss of muscle tone in the lower face, sagging cheeks, facial oval deformity

Loose skin and excess fat deposits under the chin and jaw, which may form even in a person of normal weight

Surgical face rejuvenation facial plastic surgery

The patient underwent a surgical face lift, eyelid plasty and midface lipofilling. Thus we obtain a total facial rejuvenation, popularly referred to as a "circumferential lift".

Surgical facelift techniques at Dr.

Facelift surgery in Moscow

Photo from operating room, facelift MAKS elevator with shortened scar.

There are dozens of techniques for facelift. Some of them are widely known and used by many plastic surgeons. Some are designed to rejuvenate all areas of the face, others are designed to rejuvenate a specific part.

The leading role in modern modifications of surgical rejuvenation is assigned to the correction of the superficial musculo-aponeurotic system (smas). This method makes it possible to significantly increase the aesthetic result of the surgery, eliminating the age-related ptosis of the soft tissues of the cheeks and nasolabial folds, neck and chin.

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