Wedding Contract

Wedding Contract

Wedding Contract

1a. This agreement is between Ali Kvidt Photography and ________________________________________________________

1b. Please provide telephone numbers for use before and on the wedding day.

Before: _________________________________________

On the day: ____________________________________

2. Location and addresses for the wedding set out below on

Date: _____________________________________

Location 1:

Time: ___________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Location 2:

Time: ____________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Location 3:

Time: ____________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________

3. The Photographer(s) will document the events in a candid manner and take formal portraits as necessary. The client should provide a full list of formal photographs required including names and relationship to the client.

4. Prior to or during the event, the Client may inform the Photographer of subject which they would like photographed, but the final content of the images is at the discretion of the Photographer.

5. The Client will ensure that the guests at the event do not interfere with the photographer’s work.

6.. When using digital photography, the Photographer(s) will be under no obligation to display the images while the event is still underway.

7. The Photographer retains the copyright to the images.

8. If the Photographer is unable to perform due to fire or other casualty, strike, or other cause beyond the control of the parties, or due to the Photographer’s illness or injury, then the Photographer shall return the deposit to the Client but shall have no further liability with respect to this agreement. This limitation on liability shall also apply in the event that images are lost through equipment malfunction, lost in the mail or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of the Photographer. In the event that the Photographer fails to perform for any other reason, the Photographer shall not be liable for any amount in excess of the Photographer’s fee.

9. Payment-The Client’s payment to the Photographer shall be as follows:

A deposit of $900.00 is due at signing of this agreement.

The remainder of the Photographer’s fee $ (Package price minus deposit) is payable in full before or on your wedding day. (5-day grace period)

10. A small preview will be available one week after your wedding date. Proofs will be available approximately 6 weeks after the wedding date and will be available to view online in your own password-protected album.

11. This agreement also includes a CD of all the edited photos that the Photographer provides and will enclose a copyright release form for prints.

12. The Photographer will maintain backup copies of the images in their archive for a period of 2 years at which time the client may request all original files on CD or DVD.

This is an agreement between the undersigned, hereafter referred to as “client” and Ali Kvidt Photography, and hereafter refereed to as “photographer.” Photographer reserves the right to use negatives, digital files, prints, and/or any other reproductions for display, publication, or any other purpose. Any digital files provided to client may not be cropped or altered in any way. Digital files are not authorized to be used for marketing, promotions, publication, or any type of sales purposes without written permission of the photographer. Client agrees that upon attendance, price is non-refundable.

Client Signature(s): _________________________________/_______________________________

Clients Address: ________________________________________________________________ Date: ________________

Photographers Signature: ______________________Date: _________________

Please sign above then return with check, cash, or card for the DEPOSIT. Checks can be made to Ali Kvidt Photography. A copy of this agreement and confirmation letter/email with the details of your wedding will be given within a week of returning.