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Virginia Quitclaim Deed - Version 1

This is a Virginia Quitclaim deed.

Deeds are used to transfer real estate. Real estate includes your house, condo, vacation home, commercial building, and similar properties. With few exceptions, to transfer this kind of property, it's necessary to prepare and record a new deed.

There are quite a few different "types" of deeds (or, to put it another way, there are a variety of different provisions you can include in a deed to get different lega
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THIS DEED is made this _____ day of ______________, in the year ____, between _____________________________, as Grantor[s]; and __________________________ as Grantee[s],

W I T N E S S E T H:

That for consideration of ______________, the Grantor does hereby grant and convey, without warranty, unto the Grantee the following described property located in __________________________, Virginia ("Property"):


This conveyance is made expressly subject to the deeds of trust, mortgages, conditions, restrictions, rights of way, easements, and other instruments of record, insofar as they may lawfully affect the Property.

Prepared by and Return to: [NAME & ADDRESS]

WITNESS the following signatures and seals:

__________________________ (SEAL)

__________________________ (SEAL)


[CITY] [COUNTY] OF _____________________

The foregoing deed was acknowledged before me this ___ day of _______________, ____, by _______________________________.


Notary Public

My Commission expires:_____________.

Grantee’s Address: [GRANTEE’S ADDRESS]

Grantor’s Address: [GRANTOR’S ADDRESS]

Property Address: [PROPERTY ADDRESS]