Agreement For Accounting Services

Agreement for accounting services. Includes monetary budget limit constrained by a specific timeframe.

Enter the name of the ACCOUNTANT, referred to as ACCOUNTANT, and Enter the name of the CLIENT, referred to as CLIENT, agree:

ACCOUNTANT shall furnish accounting services to CLIENT, to be billed monthly at the standard rates for ACCOUNTANT and staff. The following services shall be provided by ACCOUNTANT:

Enter the services to be provided by the ACCOUNTANT

It is specifically agreed that the services to be rendered by the ACCOUNTANT shall not exceed $ Enter in numerals the budgeted limit for services (Enter in numerals the budgeted limit for services dollars) in total billings during the first Enter the number of months for budget months that services are rendered without the prior written approval of CLIENT, and ACCOUNTANT is specifically required to cease rendering services when the amount specified above is reached.


Name of Client


Name of Accountant


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