Notice to landlord that you intend to make repairs and deduct from rent - Michigan

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TO: Landlord's Name

FROM: Your Name

I requested that repairs be made to my rental property in a letter dated __________. It has been _____ days since I wrote the letter, and the needed repairs have not yet been made.

I have contacted three service providers to make the repairs. Enclosed are copies of three estimates for the repairs listed in my previous letter. If I do not hear from you within _____ day(s), I will be hiring the lowest bidder to perform the repairs.

  • I will pay the company myself from rent previously withheld and escrowed.


  • I will pay the company myself and deduct the amount from my next rent payment.

Copies of the receipts for the repairs, once they are made, will be forwarded to you.

Please take note of the relevant Michigan case law:

Where the landlord has covenanted to make repairs and fails to do so, the tenant, after giving reasonable notice to the landlord, may make the repairs and recover the cost of such repairs from the landlord or he [or she] may deduct the cost from the rent. . . . Unless the landlord’s duty to repair is expressly made conditional upon receipt of notice from the tenant, such duty may arise from the landlord’s actual knowledge of the need for repair. . . . The landlord’s duty to maintain in good repair . . . extends to reimbursing the tenant for monies expended . . .. Anchor Inn v Knopman, 71 Mich App 64, 67 (1976).


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