What is the refund and cancellation policy of Swiss airlines?

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Travel plans often tend to alter unexpectedly. The services of support their customers so that they can reach your destination even then. Accessing an online refund, the flight bookings of Swiss air can get canceled and refunded online as well within 24 hours prior to the departure of your booked flight. Cancellation and/or refund of the purchased flight ticket depend on the kind of ticket purchased.

Swiss airlines

To cancel your booking, follow the steps mentioned below-

• Click on ‘My bookings.’

• Then, enter your booking code and surname.

• Choose a particular booking and then click on the ‘Cancellation’ button.

• Confirm your choice on the following next page.

• If you bought your flight ticket online or from an office of , then the refund will occur automatically, and you don’t require taking any further step.

Swiss Airline

• If you bought your ticket from a different travel agency or office, then please contact the particular office from which your ticket was issued to get a refund of the ticket price.

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