The Time-Saving Job Search

Time is the most valuable asset you have in your job search.

Time is the most valuable asset you have in your job search. If you fail to use your time efficiently, you may significantly delay landing the job, and salary, you want.

The #1 time-waster is incorrect use of classified ads, in print or online. Only one out of every ten jobs is advertised; the advertised positions are, on the whole, low-level; and the ads are open to an extremely high level of competition.

Get the most of out of the time you spend looking through the Internet and newspapers by 1) targeting, and 2) acting. 3) use LinkedIn profile, writing linkedin job description in profile. Target: Identify the top ten prospects. Act: Call the number provided in the ad and pose a few pointed questions. For example, inquire about what factors management looks for in employment candidates. Another very simple action you can take is to access their public information on the Internet.

After reviewing the results of this type of research, THEN decide if you would like to apply. Include in your cover letter the information you gleaned from your research. Focus on what you know about the company and how your skills would be an asset.

You've just maximized your time in two ways: First, calling ahead means you have eliminated undesirable prospective employers in just a few minutes. Just think what a waste it would have been if you had fired off a résumé and cover letter to every possibility, only to find out, when you spent days, weeks, and months going on interviews, that these were not positions you wanted at all.

Second, by customizing your cover letter using information from your research, you've just made yourself a more desirable candidate by highlighting how your experience is an exact match for what the company currently needs. This is much more likely to land you an interview than if you had run off a generic cover letter in which it was obvious you knew nothing about the company.

Make the most of your time when it comes to the classifieds. Time is a precious commodity in your job search that you cannot regain.

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