dreams interpretation tafsir ahlam

tafsir al ahlam in Islam is very important science branch to understand the symbols we see in our dreams and they might be visions from GOD

As for the Shari'a of Islam, its scholars and imams have followed the prophecy and stopped from the visions of the scriptures and the Sunnah, so they went on to say that the true and righteous vision is right from God, including the missionary and the foreshadowing, when Malik narrated in Muwatta and others from Ibn Masood It was narrated that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "The prophecy has gone and the evangelists have remained." He said: "A good vision is seen by the man or seen for him", and the origin of this hadeeth in al-Bukhari.

And evangelization here is possible evangelization of good, and evangelization of evil, as God said about the infidels: (Vbmrhm torment pain) [Al Imran 21].

tafsir al ahlam the right way

This vision is said by the truthful from the hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, the Prophet peace be upon him, he said: "If you approached the time, no sooner had the vision of a Muslim lie, and Osedkkm vision of a newly Osedkkm, and the vision of the Muslim part of the forty-five part of the prophecy, And the vision is three: and a good vision is good news from God; Pray, do not happen by the people. "[Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim].

Many people of this age have come to blame, because of the weakness of faith, the distance from Allah Almighty, the weakness of faith in the judgment and destiny, and their saying: As it was and should be, and must adhere to the right tafsir al ahlam taken from books such as tafsir al ahlam ibn sirin book and that nothing will God It happens only by God's command and will, whatever he wants, and what he did not want, until their souls were concerned with visions and dreams in which they violated their progress in the first time of the righteous predecessor.

Interpretation of dreams in the Quran and Sunnah:

and then expanded in them, and talk about them and rely on them, until they became their preoccupation through Councils, forums, assemblies and even satellite channels, and YouTube to be overwhelmed I have legal opinions, all during the negligence of the illusion of the world that dominated the hearts, and prevented them from what should be towards these visions,

and that there is a prophetic gift to deal with them, one should not overtake it, and not ignore it in my consciousness; Only one of the colors of departure from the framework of the decree and integrated balance, you find one of us see the vision whatever disturbed her senses, and trembles its chances, and hold its breath, not extinguish this only vigorously search dream interpretation to cross it, until it shows him evil or good, and also possible Exploiting the Wikipedia site, even if we each stop at the guidance Let us be with visions, when we did not see such a fuss nor such concern that has been invested by some communities and forums, as well as satellite channels, which made it a means of attracting and attracting viewers through this taste.

In order to all stand in an optimal way to deal with the proliferation of visions let us listen to a range of ethics in favor of this phenomenon in society.