Collaboration Agreement

Work agreement for writer and artist

Collaboration Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT, made on this date, between The Artist, residing at THIS ADDRESS (hereinafter “ARTIST”), and The Writer residing at Address (hereinafter “WRITER) with respect to the production of the short comic entitled THE NAME OF THE COMIC (hereinafter the “WORK”), to be drawn by ARTIST and to be written by WRITER as Part of the the Name of Comic Book,Graphic Novel, Anthology (hereinafter "The Project").

In Consideration of the mutual promises contained herein, and for other good and valuable consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as follows:

  1. The copyright in the work shall be held by The Writer.
  2. Credits in the WORK shall read: “Drawn by ARTISTS: Written by WRITER,” unless specified otherwise in advance by both parties.
  3. Profits from the printed publication of the WORK and from the disposition of any subsidiary rights therein shall be divided as follows: WRITER: 50%; ARTIST 50%: excluding profits generated from print sales conducted by both parties.
  4. All original art created by ARTIST for the WORK, and the proceeds from the sale of such original art, shall remain the sole property of ARTIST. All scripts created by WRITER for the WORK, and the proceeds from the sale of such scripts shall remain the sole property of the WRITER.
  5. Both PARTIES shall maintain equal rights to the WORK along with equal distribution rights.
  6. This agreement shall continue in perpetuity unless WRITER and ARTIST agree jointly to forfeit rights to the other party.
  7. The ARTIST shall be compensated for the creation of HOW MANY PAGESat a rate of PAGE RATE. For a total of Total Price.
  8. The Writer Agrees to pay The Artist Half of the Totalwithin five days of receiving the funds from a successful Kickstarter.
  9. The Artist Agrees to complete the artwork within 30 days of receiving the first payment.
  10. The Writer Agrees to pay the Artist the remaining amount once the artwork is completed.
  11. The Writer and Artist agree that all promotional , pin/up, and marketing art will be done at a rate of $$$$$ per item requested.

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