Liquid Containment

Liquid Containment's Head Office is located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and provides Flexible solutions for storage of Fuel, Water, Chemicals and other liquids. Products are manufactured to Australian and International standards where applicable. Products are shipped Australian Wide and Internationally on a daily basis, direct to you or drop shipped to your customer upon request.

Liquid Containment is one of the best manufacturer fuel bladders in
Australia and supplies a wide range of products such as custom made
bladders, tank liners and slim line tanks for water, petrol and liquid
storage. Our Head Office is located on the Gold Coast, Queensland,
Australia and provides Flexible solutions for storage of Liquids, Air,
Fuel, Water, Oils Chemicals and other liquids.

5 Reasons Collapsible Liquid Bladder
is the right choice for outdoor

These water storage bladder tanks are made
from plastic and synthetic material that makes
them easy to clean. If there is no requirement of
the bladder for a longer time, you can clean it
with the help of a simple cloth or a washing
solution and store them.

These bladders come within different shapes
and sizes, but once empty, they can be rolled
and easily store in small areas. Moreover, if
there is an emergency, these vessels may be
ideal solutions for a large supply at one time.

Collapsible water bladders are also easily
stored. You can comfortably unload or
refilled without losing the quality of the
vessel. These bladders are made with
durable materials that make them perfect
for long term water and other liquid

As compared to plastic water bottles, these
water bladders are more eco-friendly. You
can’t reuse conventional bottles, but you can
reuse these bladders many more times.

These water storage bladder tanks are very
durable and flexible. They are easy to clean
and ideally suitable for withstanding extreme
temperatures. These bladders are also very
lightweight and store up to eight ounces to
200,000 gallons or more.

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0405 138 664
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