Statement Of Work - OSTicket Modification

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Statement of Work


Aug 14, 2020

Job Name

OS ticket - Modification

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This project involves the design modification of OS Ticket to meet processing requirements. This project will follow the timeline outlined below and does not include ongoing maintenance of the site outside of what may be stated in the scope.

Project Scope

This SOW covers the following activities.

  • Layout : Current layout does not meet our requirement and needs to get modified with the following requirements. And would be applicable to all forms and list in OStickets for IDS.
    • Sample format is given below.
  • The features of the site will include: 
    • Font and  size:
    • collapzed conversational views
    • defaulting to the last interaction or conversation
    •  option to attach files upto 20 MB
  • Report Generation: currently the newly added forms details and lists is not part of the export options, which limits the report generation on a real time basis. Hence these fields to be part of data extraction/export option. 



Finish Date

Finalize Design  
Finalize Testing 21 Aug 2020
Deploy to Staging Site for Sign Off 25 Aug 2020  
Deploy to live domain 26 Aug 2020


Key Assumptions

This agreement is based on the following assumptions.

  • You have provided with a complete list of your requirements for the website.

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