Signed Investor's Agreement

Signed Investor's Agreement with Kenzley Rams

Investor’s Agreement

This is the agreement between the trader, Kenzley Rams and the investor. We agreed that the initial investment of 200 dollars will be done for the trading services through FOREX and binary options. The trader, Kenzley Rams, promises a 300% return per week with proof of income but the investor can still choose whenever to withdraw the winnings. This contract is to protect the investor from any money laundering or scam and to state that the broker will take 15% of all withdrawls whenever the investor decides. Failure to send the money to the investor will result in legal action being taken against the trader. Any changes of the agreement should be stated here by either the investor or the trader. Investment and withdraw return are to be held on Moneygram. The Investor can either complete this at a CVS or a Walmart .The contract is going to last month-month and only then can the investment amount be changed. (Maximum being 2000)

Contact info: Kenzley Rams

Email: [email protected]

Location: 3820 roswell rd NE UNIT 604 Atlanta Georgia 30342

This is the info you will use either to contact me or send moneygram. Look forward to working with you!

I Nuwo Johnson, am in agreement with the above investor’s agreement with Kenzley Rams.

Date: 10/5/2016