Sample School Fundraising Letter to Parents for Donation

Sample School Fundraising Letter to Parents for Donation Template. Write to parents a fundraising letter. read

Sample Format for School Fundraising Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Every year our institution strives to bring the best of academic and extra-curricular opportunities for the students and every year we have been supported by parents like you to hold fundraisers to pay for these opportunities for the students. In this academic year, we aim set up a new science lab which will be focusing on things like aeronautics, robotics etc. This will be our initiative to have students expose to different career options before they finally select a stream to move ahead with.

We are writing this letter to inform you of the reason for fundraising and also to seek help from your side. We would appreciate parents to volunteer themselves with the fundraiser and you would welcome your kind donations for the event. With the fundraiser, we aim to bring into our institution the equipment, technology and set up which will be extremely helpful in learning lot more about different wings of science which is otherwise not possible. And this will work as a wonderful opportunity for your child to be more exposed to the developments in science.

Please get in touch with me at [email protected] for more details on the subject.

Looking forward for your support.


James Mathew
ABC School

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