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If you see something that’s really good, it’s very natural to want to try produce something of your own, give it your own twist, so to say.

TV shows are a great way to tell stories, and after seeing the success of Western series, some have been inspired to try localise some big hits for our Malaysian audience.

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Keisha Edlina digelar gold digger kerana berbekalkan wajah pan-Asia dan tubuh yang sempurna dia menggoda lelaki kaya dan peras harta mereka habis-habisan. Kemudian dia mencari lelaki lain yang jauh lebih kaya pula.

Pelakon Chandelier

Ben Amir, Mimi Lana, Norman Hakim , Shasha Abedul, Nadya Syahera, Alif Muhaimin, Diana Dee, Aisar Khaled, Nynaa Harizal , Sharifah Shahora, Laila Nasir

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