Dayara Bugyal Trek

This information's for the Dayara Bugyal Trek.Its located in Uttrakhand.

Dayara bugyal Trek

is In Uttrakhand.Dayara Bugyal trek is start from raithal. One of the rarest thing which you find only in this trek are the panoramic views of the entire Gangotri and Yamnotri 12000ft. Bugyal translates into a vast pastoral land or meadows at an altitude of 3000 - 4000 ft. While you are trekking, on the right you can vividly spot the famous Mt. Bandarpunch and the black peak. Under the warm sun, they glow and offers the best views of themselves. is one of the largest high-altitude bugyal which expanses about 28 sq km in length. Imagine approximately 3900 football fields together filled with lush green meadows or pure white snow. Dayara Bugyal in winter the same forests get topped with snow. As the entire trek goes through meadows and forests, you also meet a rich community of birds.

Dayara Bugyal altitutde Dayara Bugyal

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