Volunteer Agreement

for new volunteers

We are ready to change the world with you by improving lives after natural disaster:

As a volunteer, you will be an important member of our team and often represent us to the community at large. For a better understanding of what you can expect as a volunteer and what Sparkrelief expects of you, we ask that you read and sign this Volunteer Contract.

Sparkrelief wishes to provide you:

  • Beneficial & life-enriching experiences
  • Comprehensive orientation, general training sessions, and helpful guidance
  • Opportunities for professional development and social interaction with other volunteers
  • An opportunity to be immersed in the nonprofit world and give back to your community

Sparkrelief asks that you:

  • Choose objectives within your abilities, interests, and time
  • Meet with your team weekly and contribute as you committed
  • Notify us before if you are unable to complete any of your commitments
  • Conduct yourself ethically at all times, especially when engaging with our community
  • Be positive, have fun, and ask questions. Remember that we’re all together in this

Signing confirms you have read, understand, and agree to each of the following:

  • Sparkrelief makes no guarantees. They merely seek to provide an opportunity to serve
  • I understand I will never receive compensation, financial or otherwise
  • I show my commitment to the team by donating monthly at one thousandth of my annual salary (ex: if you make $36,000 a year you donate $36 monthly)
  • I understand that all resources provided are fully revocable at any time
  • I agree to give advanced notice before ending my commitments with Sparkrelief and will not sabotage, abuse, or use for personal gain any information or relationships related to Sparkrelief.

I commit to begin volunteering on 2012-04-25. I will contribute 7 hours each week for at last 3 months and will donate $45 monthly.

Start anytime, even today if you like. To be a Volunteer Teammate, we need you to contribute at least 4 hours a week for at least 2 months and a monthly donation that is one thousandth of your yearly income. This ensures you are committed to improving lives after natural disaster with Sparkrelief as much as every other member of the team.

These are only the requirements to be "on the team." If these commitments don't excite you, we thank you for taking the time to read this and welcome you to conntribute in whatever capacity you like as a Community Contntributor.

With my signature on 2012-01-30, I, John Smith, declare that I have read, understand, and agree to the entire Volunteer Contract

Sparkrelief . PO Box 6023, Boulder, CO 80306 . [email protected] . 720.675.9609

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