This is a Partnership agreement between Napalm Esports and YouTube Assistance Community.


THIS PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”) made and entered into this 13 February 2018 (the “Execution Date”),


Napalm Esports of Portsmouth, UK, and

YouTube Assistance Community of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

(Individually the “Partner” and collectively the “Partners”).


  1. The Partners wish to associate themselves as partners in business.
  2. This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions that govern the Partners within the Partnership.

IN CONSIDERATION OF and as a condition of the Partners entering into this Agreement and other valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which consideration is acknowledged, the parties to this Agreement agree as follows:


  1. By this Agreement the Partners enter into a general partnership (the "Partnership") in accordance with the laws of England. The rights and obligations of the Partners will be as as provided under the common law and as stated in the Partnership Act 1890 and any other applicable legislation (the 'Act') except as otherwise provided in this Agreement.


  1. The firm name of the Partnership will be: Napalm Esports & YouTube Assistance Community.


  1. The purpose of the Partnership will be: providing tools for creators to help them succeed, providing dedicated support for all partners, providing free copyright services for YAC under the Napalm Esports Branding, Providing Sponsorships.


  1. The Partnership will begin on 13 February 2018 and will continue until terminated as provided in this Agreement.

Place of Business

  1. The principal office of the business of the Partnership will be located at Portsmouth, UK or such other place as the Partners may from time to time designate.

Terms of Partnership

  1. Napalm Esports agrees to:
  • Provide tools for creators to help them succeed.
  • Provide dedicated support for all partners.
  • Provide free copyright services for YAC under the Napalm Esports Branding.
  • Provide access to sponsorship deals for YAC members.

YouTube Assistance Community agrees to:

  • Provide Support for all Napalm Esports Members.
  • Support the Napalm Esports Brand by promoting them.
  • Support our Sponsors by promoting them.

Termination of agreement

  1. If either party don’t uphold their end of the agreement, then Napalm Esports reserves the right to terminate this agreement. Additionally, if a partner wants to terminate their agreement before 2 years are up, they must give a notice period of 3 months, all services provided by Napalm Esports will cease after the 3 months are up.

First & Last Legal Name

Kieran J Triggs, CEO of Napalm Esports

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