This is an agreement between Single Chair Design and any work-for-hire Graphic Designers


AGREEMENT made this 01 day of Month, 2015, by and between the undersigned DESIGNER (insert name) and the undersigned CLIENT (Single Chair Design).

This Agreement is entered into in the State of (insert state) and is guided by and governed by the laws of that state.

The undersigned parties hereby agree that all rights, copyrights, titles and interest in any artwork by designer, on behalf of Client belong solely and exclusively to the Owner/Client free from any claims whatsoever by the designer other than copyright mention.

The enticement and consideration for this Agreement is the promise by the Client to pay the Designer the amount of $50 an hour. Designer understands that this will comprise Designer's complete and sole payment.

This contract allows the Client to use the artwork as they see fit and without any legal disputes with the Designer. The artists may also use the work for their portfolio of works.

This contract constitutes a release of copyright for duplication of the artwork to be made freely upon the Owners needs. We have entered into this written contract as of the date above written.