Statement of Work for Web Development - June 24, 2019

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Statement of Work for Web Development

This Agreement ("Agreement") is made as of Jun 24, 2019, by Teddy Matinde located at 6537 19th Ave, Seattle 98115, and Kenya Consulate Los Angeles ("Client"), located at CLIENT ADDRESS.


This project involves the design and development of a web site for use by Kenya Consulate Los Angeles. This project will follow the timeline outlined below and does not include ongoing maintenance of the site outside of what may be stated in the scope.

Project Scope

This SOW covers the following activities and deliverables.

  • The project is already underway at Design/theme changes should be communicated to Teddy Matinde
  • Integrations Discovery: Teddy Matinde will consult with you to discover various means for achieving the integrations requested, and will spend time researching and developing the integrations requested with best practices and modern security standards.
  • The pages for the site will include:
    • All pages on the current website and additional pages outlined below
  • The features of the site will include:
    • The current website is powered by a technology called which requires programming knowledge in order to make any modification.  The technology will be a Content Management System (See  
    • It will be easy for any lightly trained consulate staff to modify pages without programming.
    • The Content Management System to be used will be joomla.  It is easier to find web developers who know how to modify this newer system, compared to the current website system which is outdated
    • The website will resize itself to work on a mobile device
    • An appointment system.   Consulate will supply type of appointments, and times that are needed for the system
    •  Registered Kenyans System - Method for exporting data, showing people by State, or Town or Profession or Gender.  Deletion of double entries in the system, system to vet (Consulate needs to expand on how they would perform the vetting), approve and inform applicants if their registration is accepted. 
  • Browser Testing: Teddy Matinde will test the site to make sure it works with modern desktop web browsers. Teddy Matinde will also test to make sure that the site does not break when viewed on mobile devices.


Account and login information for host and website. A backup copy of the files associated with the site. A reference document outlining how to make updates to the site along with a link to online resources. 1 day in person training and consultation at your offices


Estimated Completion Date – August 2019.  Schedule of payments is negotiable.

*This schedule is just an estimate and makes some assumptions regarding the complexity of requests in the Theme Designing phase, as well as the complexity of integrations requested.


Online guideline for price can be found here  This is a website with Database.  The price is 5,500

Key Assumptions

This agreement is based on the following assumptions:

  • You have provided Teddy Matinde with a complete list of your requirements for the website.
  • You will provide Teddy Matinde all necessary account information for existing accounts to be utilized or integrated in this project, including but not limited to, your domain name registrar if you already have a domain name, and third party services necessary for requested integrations.


The Kenya Consulate Los Angeles below verifies that the terms of this Statement of Work are acceptable. The parties hereto are each acting with proper authority by their respective organizations.

Signed by and on behalf of Teddy Matinde

Signed by and on behalf of Kenya Consulate Los Angeles

Jun 24, 2019

Everyone should sign above and keep a copy for their records.

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