Themeforest HTML Template Development Partnership Business Agreement

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Date: 9th May 2015,

PSD Developer:

Author Name: Plaza-Themes, posthemes

Author Url:

HTML Developer:

Author Name: HTMLCooker

Author Url:

Agreement Condition:

1. Profit Sharing 50-50 Only HTML Version.

2. Template, Item,Product Upload from Plaza-Themes Author Account.

3. HTMLCooker Develop, Plaza-Themes and posthemes PSD to HTML Version.

3. If HTMLCooker Not Develop HTML Version or, Cancel Partnership, Plaza-Themes Lifetime Share HTML Version Profit.

4. Every Month First Week Share Profit.

5. Every 21 Days Develop 1 HTML Version.

If needed any condition, we are add or change, with 2 partner sign.

Please Read Carefully and Everything Understand in Happy Mind and Sign This Document.


Writer- HTML Cooker.

Name: Golam Mostafa