Debt Payment Agreement

This is a debt payment agreement between everett banks(debtor) and shondra chandler(creditor)

Agreement made upon this 13th day of March. Between Everett Banks Jr (here in referred to as the debtor) and Shondra Chandler (here in after referred to as the "creditor").

It is mutually agreed between the parties as follows:

The creditor hereby engages and the debtor hereby agrees, upon all the terms and conditions set forth, including the terms and conditions on the bottom of the page.

Debtor owes Creditor a total of $17,200 by March 31st for the Following:

Debtor living in Creditors apartment for 5 months- $3,000

The loan the creditor had to take out in october 2014 due to the debtors fleeing of a mutually signed apartment lease. - $5,000

A credit card the creditor encountered for miscellaneous items used for and by both parties- $1,500

Creditor loaned debtor $1,000 in which debtor promised loan back plus $2,000 profit.- $2,000

Creditor loaned debtor $671 for artist booking and travel and have a loan agreement that creditor would receive loan back and full profit debtor received- $2,000

When both parties agreed to living together in July 2014. The Debtor verbally agreed upon paying full amount of rent. For 4 months the debtor either could not pay on time or was lacking in funds and did not communicate with the creditor which caused multiple $800 charges and leaving finical burden on the creditor.- $2,500

Damage to creditors current apartment and loss of keys due to debtor. - $500

Phone bill of 5 months which is in Creditors name. - $300

Phone paid for by Creditor- $400

All funds should be delivered to Creditors place of living on March 31, 2015 no later than 10:00pm

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