Non-Disclosure Agreement_Brandow and Associates Inc.

This is a Non Disclosure Agreement between Brandow and Associates and a New Client or New Staff.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Brandow and Associates, (the “Discloser”) and _______________, (the “Recipient”), agree:

Discloser may from time to time disclose to Recipient certain confidential information or trade secrets generally regarding business strategies and products; client data, and access information for services and applications.

Recipient agrees that it shall not disclose the information so conveyed, unless in conformity with this agreement. Recipient shall limit disclose to the officers and employees of Recipient with a reasonable “need to know” the information, and shall protect the same from disclosure with reasonable diligence.

Types of confidential information includes but is not limited to:

  • Client data, including client names, types and terms of services and rates.
  • Client Contact details.
  • Client mailing lists.
  • Financial information
  • Access information for online accounts.
  • Proprietary materials and intellectual property.
  • Client business information

Where possible, Discloser shall conspicuously mark protected information as “confidential,” “not to be disclosed” or with other clear indication of its status. If the information which Discloser is disclosing is not in written form, for example, a machine or device, Discloser shall be required prior to or at the same time that the disclosure is made to provide written notice of the secrecy claimed by Discloser. Recipient agrees upon reasonable notice to return the confidential tangible material provided by it by Discloser upon reasonable request.

The obligation of non-disclosure shall terminate when if any of the following occurs:

(a) The confidential information becomes known to the public without the fault of Recipient or;

(b) The information is disclosed publicly by Discloser or;

(c) a period of 24 months passes from the disclosure (with the exception of client data which has no end date for obligation of non-disclosure) or;

(d) the information loses its status as confidential through no fault of Recipient

In any event, the obligation of non-disclosure shall not apply to information which was known to Recipient prior to the execution of this agreement.

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