Essential Vastu Recommendations for First-Time Home Buyers

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For many individuals, purchasing a new house is a dream come true. We
look for the ideal atmosphere, a premium location, a spacious layout,
and a house that is affordable.

Are you looking for a New Construction Projects in Kharghar Navi Mumbai?

Apart from these, there is one important factor that we should all
consider before investing: Vastu. Vastu is essential for drawing positive
energy, flourishing, and maintaining peace and harmony. Vastu is a
scientific approach that instructs us on how to properly place objects in a
new house in order to attract wealth and pleasure. Pharande Spaces
provides well-designed residences in Pune that are both affordable and
follow all Vastu guidelines. Let's look at a few Vastu guidelines that all
new house purchasers should be aware of.

It is the most important feature of every home. The primary entrance to
your home should be towards east. It is the most fortunate orientation,
and it aids in the induction of pleasant energy anytime somebody enters
the house.

The bedrooms are designed to be clutter-free and devoid of excessive
stuff. The bed should not be set up such that the mirror is the first thing
you see when you get out of bed. You should sleep with your feet
pointing south at all times. Negative energy will be kept at bay by
following these suggestions. You will also be able to relax and sleep
without having nightmares.

Room for Children:-
The children's room should be located in the northwest corner of the
home. A computer or laptop should be positioned at the southwest
corner of the room. It's best to avoid using 'loud' and gloomy colours in
children's bedroom since they might generate anxiety. The study table
should be positioned to face north, east, or northeast.

When it comes to kitchens, most individuals do not follow the basic
Vastu guidelines. Every kitchen should have enough cross-ventilation.
Cooking should be done in natural light unless it is late at night.
Theoptimal location for your kitchen is in the southwest or northwest
corner of the home. You'll be in good health.

Your bathroom may be found in the northwest corner of the house. It
should also have appropriate ventilation and should not be directly
facing the kitchen. If your bedroom has an attached bathroom, it should
not be located directly across from the bed. Clutter has the ability to
draw in negative forces. That is why you should empty your bathroom's
trash can on a regular basis and maintain the bathroom floor clean and

Living Room:-
The living room is where everyone congregates, and it should always be
filled with pleasant energy. It's convenient to have this room facing
north. Even amounts of furniture, including chairs, should be used. You
may arrange the furnishings to face south and west.When shopping for a
new apartment, you want to make sure that everything about it is ideal
for you. Consider these Vastu suggestions when buying a new apartment
before settling your new house. If you're looking for ready-to-move-in
apartments in Mumbai, be sure to check out these Vastu suggestions

1. The site and structure should be oriented north or east:-
Some orientations, such as north and east, have a favourable affect while
others have a negative impact, according to Vastu recommendations for
a happy house. East and north-facing plots are suitable for the
construction of dwellings, according to Vastu advice for buying a new
flat. Houses with a west or south facing orientation should be avoided

2. The plot should be square or rectangular in shape:-

The land of the property should be square or rectangular, according to
Vastu advice for buying a new flat. It should also face the four cardinal
directions squarely. According to Vastu principles, the optimal length-
to-breadth ratio for a structure should be 1:1 or 1:1.5, with a maximum
of 1:2.

3.Vastu suggestions when buying a new apartment, including

interior design and colour schemes:-
If you're looking for a new home, Vastu advice suggests avoiding dark-
colored flats. Dark hues in your home's walls, furnishings, and flooring,
for example, emit negative energy. Light hues, such as pink, yellow, and
orange, on the other hand, emit good energy. According to Vastu
principles, homes painted in these hues are ideal for purchase.

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