PURAX Underarm Pads

In order to feel dry, safe and well groomed on any occasion (such as business meetings, sports etc.) - you should use PURAX Underarm Pads every day.

How to get rid of underarm odor? Do you suffer from excessive sweating? Does perspiration hinder work, play, and love? Does sweat control your life? Well, it's time to control your sweat; it is time to say goodbye to bad odor and sweat stains! PURAX Underarm Pads are the newest standard in the fight against underarm perspiration and body odor.

PURAX Underarm Pads are your all natural, discreet and secure solution to excessive underarm perspiration. Each box of PURAX Underarm Pads contains 30 self-adhesive, breathable and hygienic underarm pads, which are applied directly to the skin. And because of this direct skin application, PURAX Underarm Pads target the root of the problem by absorbing sweat the moment it leaves your pores. With its unique patented shape PURAX Underarm Pads offer exceptional sweat absorption, remarkable odor control, and the power to be comfortable in your own skin.

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