Silenced eSports 30 days Contract

Silenced eSports contract

In consideration of being admitted as a team under Silenced eSports under the leadership of
Bishop Tiedemann. I, the undersigned, for myself, my teammates, executors, and
administrators, voluntarily agree to waive and release any and all rights and claims (known and
unknown) for injuries and or damages that I may have against Silenced eSports and or Bishop
Tiedemann, staff members, officers, and guests, and along with their respective trustees,
representatives, agents, and employees (collectively "Releases"), as a result of any association
with Silenced eSports/Bishop Tiedemann and or my participation in the Silenced eSports/Bishop
Tiedemann activities (e.g. LAN events, social functions and online activities or events, including
any and all claims for injuries and or damages that may result from the negligence of any of the
Releasees. I understand and agree that this release is intended to be as a broad and inclusive
as permitted under the laws of the State of Texas in the United States of America.
I further knowing and voluntarily agree that for any and all Silenced eSports activates I engage
in, I am doing so at my own risk, and hereby expressly assume all risk of injury, illness, death, or
damage to myself or to my properly that might result from my participation in any such activity. I
also acknowledge that Silenced eSports is not responsible for any personal or team goods or
belongings that are damaged, broken, or lost during Silenced eSports functions.
Furthermore, under this contract 18% (post federal/state taxes) of winnings at such any event
will go directly to Silenced eSports under the leadership of Bishop Tiedemann. Please note that
neither Silenced eSports nor Bishop Tiedemann endorses any sort of physical violence that
could lead from games that your teams choose to play.
Any winnings received in ANY online or LAN competitions when Silenced eSports pays for the
entry fee, hotel, food, or travel 18% of winnings will go to Silenced eSports under the leadership
of Bishop Tiedemann. Understand that Bishop Tiedemann may forfeit his winnings if he shall
choose and disperse the monies evenly to the winning participants. Bishop Tiedemann will
collect no more than the negotiated percentage of the prize won.​
I have carefully read and understand these terms and waiver any by signing below I
acknowledge that I am give up legal rights and remedies that are available to me including to
sue or take Bishop Tiedemann or Silenced eSports to court in any way shape or form, and I am
doing this voluntarily. I understand and agree that I am waiving my right I may have to bring
legal action against the Releases for negligence.
Printed Player Name
Printed Parent Name if Under 18 Years of Age

​Signature of Player​​​​​​​​​ Date

​Signature of Parent​​​​​​​​​ Date

​Signature of Bishop Tiedemann Date

The player(s) listed on this contract agreed to come to Bishop Tiedemann DBA Silenced
eSports and under the name Silenced eSports terms and policies discussed in the following
paragraphs. Silenced eSports owner Bishop Tiedemann cannot terminate this contract unless a
code of conduct is broken. If contract is terminated that means that all benefits toward the
following player(s) below will become null and void.
Players listed on this contract agrees to come to Bishop Tiedemann DBA Silenced eSports the
organization's Call of Duty Team:

Players playing for Silenced eSports are under contract with another company or organization
include the following:
The players of Silenced eSports Call of Duty team agree to play under the name Silenced
eSports at all online, LAN, matches, scrimmages, practices, and social events and competitions
that they attend.
2.1 Benefits
Every member under contract with Silenced eSports is eligible to the following but are not
limited to:

While representing Silenced eSports team members listed above may not be asked to do
anything else other than play, represent, create videos if instructed, advertise sponsors,
practice, wear Silenced eSports gear at events, do interviews upon request or post blogs, and
stream live on social media websites if and when requested of owner Bishop Tiedemann.
Bishop Tiedemann DBA Silenced eSports cannot place a performance requirement on the
eSports team. Silenced eSports may terminate this contract unless Silenced eSports team fails
to field five players for any official online matches, LAN tournaments, or important event in
which the owner Bishop Tiedemann requests of them. Silenced eSports may also terminate this
contract if a code of conduct is broken. The above statement will not hold true if Silenced
eSports team cannot field five players for a match due to one of the following reasons:
1. Natural Disasters
2. Family Emergencies
3. Medical Conditions
4. Lack of Internet Connection

5. Event date/time that was upon Silenced eSports
Note that Bishop Tiedemann DBA Silenced eSports has the choice to terminate the contract if
proof is not given for the above circumstances. Proof must be provided if requested by Bishop
Silenced eSports team must wear Silenced eSports shirts, gear, products of sponsors, while
streaming, or inside a tournament venue at all times.
Silenced eSports team above is expected and obligated to participate in events requested by
Bishop Tiedemann
Any player having caught a negative attitude toward an opposing player, team, fellow member,
staff member of Bishop Tiedemann DBA Silenced eSports, or owner himself are subject for
review and dismissal of the team and contract will be null and void.
Bishop DBA Silenced ESports holds the right to remove or prosecute any player violating such
terms at will
Silenced eSports team above will be expected to follow a set of guidelines when representing
Silenced eSports, their sponsors and partners.
Each player is expected to be in good shape with no body impairing substances in the body
during LAN events, or online competitions, or live streaming or social events representing
Silenced eSports or their sponsors. These substances include the following: illegal drugs, legal
imitation plant like substances of any kind that impair judgment, alcohol, and over dozed
prescriptions. A player may not be held accountable for use of drugs prescribed by a doctor for
any medical condition he or she may have. No player shall use language in any official event
that is represented by Silenced eSports no matter what kind of venue or online. This includes
social events, forums, chat rooms, while representing Silenced eSports and Bishop Tiedemann
and their sponsors. Players twenty-one and older may purchase alcoholic beverages after all
matches have concluded.
If a team is labeled dead, inactive, moved down online out of a professional invite status, LAN,
or other various competitive league or competition, Bishop Tiedemann DBA Silenced eSports
has the right to enable this contract null and void for the players listed above.
Following the signing of this contract the player who signed this document/contract is hereby
obligated to play/represent/ and is with Bishop Tiedemann DBA Silenced eSports for 30 days. If
this player chooses to leave prior to the 30 days it may be discussed only with Bishop
Tiedemann the owner of Silenced eSports . Only Bishop Tiedemann as the right to terminate
this contract. Bishop Tiedemann has the right to hold the player's contract until the 30 days are
Bishop Tiedemann has the right to not release the player to another team or organization until
player's contract is expired or terminated by only Bishop Tiedemann. Bishop Tiedemann has the
right to sell this contract to another company or organization if he may choose. Upon the selling
of this contract then the player is released from Silenced eSports end is obligated to play for the
organization who bought out the remainder of the contract. That company has the right to then
terminate this contract at any time in which they may choose.
If Bishop Tiedemann DBA Silenced eSports declines a player's request for termination of

contract, then the player has the right to buy out the remainder of his contract. The total for the
purchase of the contract will be calculated by Bishop Tiedemann DBA Silenced eSports.
Players,team, and everyone signing this contract retain the following rights:
1. All roster changes are left up to the team leader stated here: ______________ If he or she is
unable to perform his or her duties they may be passed to the back-up leader listed here:
____________. Bishop Tiedemann DBA Silenced Sports has the right to dismiss a player only if
a part of the code of conduct has been breached.
2. Players above practice, will have match times, dates, and lengths are to be decided by the
leader, co-leader, or by Bishop Tiedemann DBA Silenced eSports if upon request
3. If above leader or co-leader or scheduler for online matches fails to do their duties Bishop
Tiedemann has the right to schedule events or matches or social meetings.
In the case that a player breaks the code of conduct at a tournament in which their is a prize or
Bishop Tiedemann DBA Silenced eSports, or their sponsors are in any which way are financing
then that player forfeits their share of the ending prize. If a situation is not included in this
contract, Bishop Tiedemann DBA Silenced eSports may take the matter to court. Person or
persons signing this contract may not take Bishop Tiedemann DBA Silenced eSports to court in
any legal matters.
Should a player break the code of conduct only that player will have the right to dismissal. If the
player begins a LAN event at a venue he has the right to finish the final or LAN event and collect
his rightful share of the prize.
If this is not the case, the player may be dismissed instantly, Legal action may not be taken
upon Bishop Tiedemann DBA Silenced eSports.