Employment Contract - July 05, 2019

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Employment Contract


UX Design Cravings, LLC

Jul 4, 2019


Dear Philip Sams,

I am delighted to confirm your appointment as UX Designer with UX Design Cravings, LLC.

This document gives an overview of the main terms and conditions of your employment.

Here are your main terms and conditions:

1. **Your start date**: the start date of your employment in this job is July 1, 2019.

4. **Where you will work**: your work base will be from Communion Cooperative coworking space. 

5. **Your hours of work**: you will work for per week. These should normally be worked between 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday. Attending networking events outside of these hours will be at your discretion. We trust you to manage your time honestly and wisely.

6. **Getting paid**: you will be paid an annual salary of pro-rated to the number of hours / days you work. This will be paid twice monthly on the 15th and the last working day of the month in arrears to a bank account of your choice. If we accidentally overpay you, then you agree to return this to us immediately or to have it deducted from your next payment.

7. **Your Paid Time Off (PTO)**: you have 10 days pro-rated to the number of hours / days you work. We calculate this in days and keep a rolling total for you as you accrue PTO. Advanced notice for PTO is always appreciate. Every effort will be made to approve requests. 

10. **Questions?**: if you have any questions at any time, please contact who will be happy to help.

* * *

**FORM OF ACCEPTANCE**: I accept this appointment on the terms and conditions stated above and also agree to the following:

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