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This is a model Privacy Policy for mobile applications. This policy supplements any website policy. The language and annotations are credited to the MMA Mobile Application Privacy Policy Framework of 2011, available at http://www.mmaglobal.com/whitepaper-request?fil.... If you are building a mobile app, be sure to get at least a privacy policy before you submit it to the app store. Also, keep it updated and be faithful to it!

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This privacy policy governs your use of the software application eos (“Application”) for mobile devices that was created by Lenworth Rose. The Application is a remote control for JRiver Media Center Library Servers (individually, a "Server").

What information does the Application obtain and how is it used?

This section is designed to inform Users of the types of data that the app obtains and how that information is used. You'll find several types of data that are often obtained by apps, but you should provide Users with a clear, illustrative list of the most important data points obtained by your app.

User Provided Information

The Application obtains the information you provide when you download and configure the Application for use with a Server. Registration with any other entity is not required.

Alternative language if you don't allow unregistered users: "Registration with us is mandatory in order to be able to use the basic features of the Application." (On the other hand, you might want to specify you don't let user register at all, but still list the information you collect).

Mobile application developers should be aware that certain types of data, for example, medical records and certain types of financial information may be subject to existing privacy law, or any other current or future state, federal law, regulation, restriction, etc. Application developers creating apps that collect potentially sensitive information are encouraged to obtain counsel to ensure that their data collection policies are in line with current law in the jurisdiction(s) where the app may be used. If you collect credit card information, we strongly encourage you seek the advice of a professional to ensure PCI compliance and other specific security requirements.

When you use the Application, you generally provide the host address for a Server. If this Server requires authentication (a configurable option per Server instance), you must also provide a username and password. If you wish to use the Wake-On-LAN functionality, you must also provide the MAC address for the Server's network interface. No other information is collected.

This list is not comprehensive. Adjust it according to what your app actually asks for.

Automatically Collected Information

If the Application collects information from and/or for social networking platforms (e.g., pulling contact information, friends lists, login information, photos or check-ins) you should ensure that the prior consent of the user is obtained.

No information is automatically collected.

Again, this list is not comprehensive. Adjust it according to what your app actually asks for.

Does the Application collect precise real time location information of the device?

If your app uses geolocation, check out the specific branch of this document https://www.docracy.com/6513/mobile-privacy-policy-geolocated-apps-

This Application does not collect any information about the location of your mobile device.

Do third parties see and/or have access to information obtained by the Application?

The following language covers anonymized data that third-party analytics services might collect for you, and a few other stardard cases where sharing users' data is fair and justified. Generally, app developers will want to have the right to transfer information collected by the app under certain circumstances. For example, if the app developer sells the app, the developer may want that information collected by the application transferred as part of the sale. While some of the more common examples of data transfer to third parties are provided, you are encouraged to work with counsel and/or privacy professional to determine if other examples should be included in the policy.

The information collected by the Application is only used to communicate with your Server. It is never transmitted anywhere else.

If your app works with advertisers and analytics companies that collect personal data, your policy needs to have an Automatic Data Collection and Advertising section. Check out the specific branch here: https://www.docracy.com/6516/mobile-privacy-policy-ad-sponsored-apps-

What are my opt-out rights?

If your app uses geolocation or taps into advertising services, check the appropriate branches linked above.

You can remove all information from the Application easily by uninstalling the Application. You may use the standard uninstall processes as may be available as part of your mobile device or via the mobile application marketplace.

Data Retention Policy, Managing Your Information

No data is retained anywhere aside from your device. Removing the application automatically removes all data associated with the Application.


Your app has to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Developers should pay particular attention to COPPA when creating apps that contain cartoon characters or other features that may cause the app to be perceived as being directed towards children under 13. Consider including language in your Terms of Service that makes users represent they are of age. Application developers creating apps that might be governed under COPPA or similar laws are encouraged to obtain counsel to ensure that their data collection policies are in line with current law in the jurisdiction(s) where the app may be used.

The Application data collected is never used to solicit or market anything. If your Server contains information that is sensitive to children, it is your responsibility to keep your device (and therefore the Application) away from them.


Application developers should ensure that their security procedures are reasonable, and should provide an overview of their security procedures below.

Any information maintained by the Application is stored only on your device, but it is not stored in an encrypted manner. Only people with your device will have access to this information.


This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time for any reason. We will notify you of any changes to our Privacy Policy by posting the new Privacy Policy here. You are advised to consult this Privacy Policy regularly for any changes, as continued use is deemed approval of all changes. You can check the history of this policy by clicking here.

Your Consent

By using the Application, you are consenting to our processing of your information as set forth in this Privacy Policy now and as amended by us.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the Application, please contact me via email at [email protected].

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