Statement of Work for Web Development - October 15, 2019

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This is a Statement of Work example for web development projects. You will need to edit the text of the document with your specific requirements.

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Statement of Work for Web Development

This Agreement ("Agreement") is made as of Oct 15, 2019, by sanbrains located at kphb colony, and sloka ("Client"), located at manneguda.


This project involves the design and development of a web site for use by sloka. This project will follow the timeline outlined below and does not include ongoing maintenance of the site outside of what may be stated in the scope.

Project Scope

This SOW covers the following activities and deliverables.

  • Theme Design and Development: At the onset of this project, a maximum of 4 hours of time will be included in order to collaborate with you on the design and theme of the site, often including wireframing, choosing a color palette, and exchanging your media that will be used for the site. The theme decided on during the onset of this project will be the basis for the design of the website. The theme will be built with the Bootstrap v4 alpha6 frontend framework. There will be a period of revisions, and development will start once you have signed off on the design. Once development has started, only minor changes can be made without affecting the scope of the project.
  • Integrations Discovery: sanbrains will consult with you to discover various means for achieving the integrations requested, and will spend time researching and developing the integrations requested with best practices and modern security standards.
  • Host and Domain Setup: If hosting is required, sanbrains will source and set up hosting for the requested domain. Maintenance and ownership of the account will fall to sloka at the conclusion of the project, and sloka will maintain ownership of the registered domain name used for the project.
  • SSL Certificates: With your security in mind, all projects developed by sanbrains will require the use of a modern SSL Certificate authorized by a recognized Certificate Authority. All pages and traffic on your site will be encrypted with this SSL Certificate. You can purchase one, if you don’t already have one, through your domain name registrar or other similar service, or we can purchase one for you and include it in your quote. Just like a domain name, SSL Certificates must be renewed and updated annually. It is your responsibility to renew and update your SSL certificate unless we agree otherwise in an ongoing Service Agreement.
  • Installation and Setup: sanbrains will install and set up the project on the host mentioned above so that sloka is able to maintain the site.
  • The pages for the site will include:
  • The features of the site will include:
  • Browser Testing: sanbrains will test the site to make sure it works with modern desktop web browsers. sanbrains will also test to make sure that the site does not break when viewed on mobile devices.



*This schedule is just an estimate and makes some assumptions regarding the complexity of requests in the Theme Designing phase, as well as the complexity of integrations requested.


Key Assumptions

This agreement is based on the following assumptions:

  • You have provided sanbrains with a complete list of your requirements for the website.
  • You will provide sanbrains all necessary account information for existing accounts to be utilized or integrated in this project, including but not limited to, your domain name registrar if you already have a domain name, and third party services necessary for requested integrations.


The sloka below verifies that the terms of this Statement of Work are acceptable. The parties hereto are each acting with proper authority by their respective organizations.

Signed by and on behalf of sanbrains

Signed by and on behalf of sloka

Oct 15, 2019

Everyone should sign above and keep a copy for their records.

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