Employment Contract

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Employment Contract





Dear Employee,

I am delighted to confirm your appointment as Job Title with Employer.

This document gives an overview of the main terms and conditions of your employment.

Here are your main terms and conditions:

1. **Your start date**: the start date of your employment in this job is Start Date.

2. **Your finish date**: your employment with the company is permanent.

3. **Notice periods**: please ensure you let us have at least four weeks notice in writing (email will do) if you want to leave the company. Should we end your employment we will give you the same notice period (unless you are sacked for gross misconduct where there would be no notice entitlement).

4. **Where you will work**: your work base will be remote and can be any suitable location that you choose. If this needs to change in the future (e.g. moving to an office) we will discuss this with you in good time.

5. **Your hours of work**: you will work for {{insert number of hours}} per week. These should normally be worked between 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. However there may be times when we need to vary this pattern, the flexibility is symmetrical. You have the [right](https://www.gov.uk/rest-breaks-work/overview) to (and must take as a minimum) one uninterrupted 20 minute rest break during your working day (this could be a tea or lunch break), if you work more than 6 hours a day. We trust you to manage your time honestly and wisely.

6. **Getting paid**: you will be paid an annual salary of {{insert annual salary}} pro-rated to the number of hours / days you work. This will be paid monthly on the last working day of the month in arrears to a bank account of your choice. We will make appropriate deductions from your pay including income tax and national insurance. If we accidentally overpay you, then you agree to return this to us immediately or to have it deducted from your next payment.

7. **Your holidays**: you are [entitled](https://www.gov.uk/holiday-entitlement-rights) to the equivalent (33 days) paid holidays every year inclusive of [public holidays](https://www.gov.uk/bank-holidays) pro-rated to the number of hours / days you work. We calculate this in days and keep a rolling total for you as you accrue holiday entitlement. Holidays can only be taken once accrued and cannot be taken in advance. Please let us have at notice of any holidays of 2x the length of holiday to be taken. (e.g. if you want to take a day off please request it a 2 of days in advance.) We have to reserve the right to refuse to grant particular holidays if the needs of the business demand this – for example during busy periods.

8. **When you are ill**: please let us know before your start time or as soon as possible by phone if you will be unable to work because of sickness. If your period of sickness exceeds seven days, then you will need to see your doctor and get a note from them which you should copy to us. There is no entitlement to payment for the first three qualifying days of absence (a qualifying day is a day on which you are normally expected to work), however from your fourth day you may be entitled to payment of statutory sick pay.

9. **Your pension**: it is [the law](https://www.gov.uk/workplace-pensions-employers) that, depending on your age and level of earnings, we may be required to automatically enrol you into a workplace pension scheme where both you and the company will be required to make contributions. Should this be the case, we will discuss this with you. You will also have the option to opt out of these arrangements if you want to.

10. **Questions?**: if you have any questions at any time, please contact {{insert name of contact and contact details}} who will be happy to help.

* * *

**FORM OF ACCEPTANCE**: I accept this appointment on the terms and conditions stated above and also agree to the following:

**Restrictive Covenant**

On leaving the company, I agree not to undertake the provision of the same services / products as supplied by the company either from my own business, or in the employment of a competitor to the company, for a period of two years, unless this is specifically agreed by the company. The company will only enforce that which is reasonable to protect its business.

* * *

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- September 2014 - JW - Version 1.0 adapted from [this template](http://www.human-resource-solutions.co.uk/HR-Policy-Pages/Employment-Contract/Employment-Contract.htm)

- September 2014 - JW - Version 1.1 (typos)

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